2018 FIFA World Cup – Youtube’ll Stream It Officially.

2018 FIFA World Cup - Youtube'll Stream It Officially.

Tuesday, June 5, 2018 ( Youtube Update for 2018 FIFA World Cup )

Youtube official blog says,”Miss a game? Can’t get enough of the action? On YouTube globally, You can catch up 2018 FIFA World Cup moments with select video highlights from official FIFA broadcasters. In more than 80 countries around the world, including from Fox and Telemundo in the U.S., the BBC in the U.K., ARD Sportschau in Germany, NHK in Japan, Kwese in Nigeria and across Africa, Televisa in Mexico, Latina Televisión in Peru, and more. In the U.S., you’ll be able to watch all games live in markets where YouTube TV is available. With the option of using the YouTube TV cloud DVR feature to record matches you can’t catch in the moment.”

Before this, Youtube conducted a research on what football fans are watching on Youtube. They performed the research on which national teams, players, and football-related videos were trending. With the highest number of viewers, Latin American teams along with players won. In case of watchtime in 2017, Argentina, Brazil, Peru, Portugal and Mexico were the top five teams.

In each country worldwide, the most popular teams in 2018 FIFA World cup teams are shown below.

With 80% increase in watch time, superstar football players, including Cristiano Ronaldo, Neymar Jr., and Lionel Messi made a lead.

2018 FIFA World Cup - Youtube'll Stream It Officially.
Official FIFA channel along with hundreds of other channel will show you beyond the game. For the full 2018 FIFA World Cup experience, interviews, live shows, training footage and match analysis be ready. Die Mannschaft, Germany’s DFB will report the training as well as the team’s base camp, And FC Barcelona will even host interviews with Barça World Cup legends.

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