Windows XP 2018 Edition Re-imagined

Windows XP 2018: Re-imagined

April 4, 1975: the date when Microsoft started it’s journey. Till today the company has many satisfied customers and rivals as well. Almost all of us know about Microsoft and most of us are still using their product and services. Released in October 25, 2001 Windows XP offered user friendly environment and suitable price range for it’s users. After the official cease by the company, the OS is still in use by customers and operators. Which means they miss Windows XP. A new concept for Windows XP has been specified in an imaginary video in YouTube for the upcoming ” Window XP 2018 “. In the video by Kamer Kaan Avdan, a glimpse of ” Windows XP 2018 ” .

The Windows XP 2018 Edition seems to have combination of Windows 10 along with Windows XP. A classical interface with latest design can be observed. Moreover, simple and smooth user interface as in Windows XP is shown. This concept has redesigned the thoughts of many XP lovers. Along with originality, the concept maintains the essence as well. Although the re-imagined and redefined version reflects it’s original taste of color, but the alterations has removed those repetitious and obsolete features. Fine curve shaped corners replaced those rectangular and edgy corners.

Windows XP 2018 Edition Re-imagined
Windows XP

Windows 10, Being the latest version of windows OS, it has influenced the redesigned version to higher degree. The startup and the login screen gives the identical vibes of the old Windows XP version. Not only the login but the power menu and the task bar is also modified which is affected by the features of Windows 10. The Start menu turns out to be the most attractive and influential element of the proposed version which has the feel of original Windows XP being connected with futuristic yet latest designs. Also the task bar also seems to be affected by the classical taste of it’s original version yet modified. Accordingly, many minor, significant and appreciable changes can be observed within the file explorer, reconstructed mail box.

Many positive response from fans along with critics have been received by the creator of the concept. This is not an official version of the Windows XP 2018. Creators of Microsoft may have  seen the concept and may be they are working on it. Or they may not reconstruct the ceased version of their operating system. But if you like this concept of Windows XP 2018 then mail Microsoft to convert your dream into reality. Or simply contact Microsoft from the official contact us link below.
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