What Is 5G Network ? Aka Fifth Generation Network.

What Is 5G Network?

As we know, 5G is a recently discovered, swift network which played a revolutionary role in the field of internet & in technology. But What Really is 5G network? What makes it so rebellious?


5G is the fifth generation wireless technology featuring mobility to communicate data and informations without being plugged into a wall. whether it is your home or your office. It’s like freedom, in a sense. Fifth generation enables driverless cars, delivery drones and it can replace the WiFi that we’re currently using in our home and office.


The core concept behind the 5G is to develop a network, which is able to provide the download speed of around 10,000 Mbps. Mathematically, 3x times faster than the current 4G network. With that speed, 5G will surely increase a huge amount of data transfer over wireless systems.

5G is compelled by specificaton requirements:

  1. Upto 10 Gbps Data transfer rate.
  2. 1 millisecond latency.
  3. 1000x Bandwidth per unit area.
  4. Upto 100x devices support per unit area ( In comparision with 4G ).
  5. 99.99% Availability.
  6. 100% Coverage.
  7. More than 90% reduction in energy consumption.
  8. Nearly, 10 year battery life for low power IoT devices.


Before you drop everything and run off to buy a new Fifth Generation network smartphone, understand that 5G doesn’t yet officially exist. Until 2019, most Americans won’t have access to Fifth generation network or so. But the huge mobile companies like  Samsung, Nokia, Verizon, AT&T, are already investing large sum of money in this wireless system .


With the development on it’s way, Fifth generation networks may provide their services across the world by 2020. Working alongside existing 3G and 4G network technology to provide faster communication that stays online no matter where you are.

As we know, development invents destruction, Fifth generation network has a lots of advantages along with disadvantages too. Stay tuned to discover the dark side of Fifth generation network in our upcoming post. Thank you!


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