What is LOST.DIR folder in Android Phone ?

LOST.DIR folder in Android: Lost.Dir is a system based folder normally found inside SD Card or Memory Card. Just, open your File Manager and open the card folder. Then scroll down a bit, you’ll see a Lost.dir named folder.LOST.DIR

One amazing feature of this folder is, you can not delete the folder. If you somehow deleted the folder, then you’ll get it back after you restart your device. And you can’t find any files or sub-folders inside it. So, the main question is What’s the use of LOST.DIR in our Smartphone?

What is LOST.DIR folder in Android Phone ?

Let’s try to understand it with a help of one simple example. Suppose, you’re downloading a file from internet or you’re transferring files to your device. And then suddenly your battery becomes empty and the Phone Shuts down. This means the process of transferring and downloading is interrupted. This is where LOST.DIR comes in hand. Your android OS creates a copy of your transferring files and places inside LOST.DIR folder.

You can continue downloading or copy those files again through the retry process after reboot. The best way to receive those lost files is by using recovery software. There are tonnes of Recovery Software available in internet. If you need, then Ease US Data Recovery Tool is the best of all. LOST.DIR

The types of file stored by LOST.DIR are listed below:

That’s why you can’t delete this folder by any means. Before Reboot process, it goes to Trash of your device and after Reboot the folder recovers itself to it’s original location. Therefore, you can’t delete a folder meant to recover the lost files because if you did so you’ll permanently loose your files and can’t recover them in future.

So, basically this is the role of LOST.DIR in your android device, which prevents files or data from permanent loss.