What Are the Modes of Data Transmission?

Modes of Data Transmission

The manner in which data is transmitted from one location to another location is called data transmission mode. There are three ways or modes fro transmitting data from one location to another. These are simplex, half duplex and full duplex.

Simplex mode
In Simplex mode, data is transmitted in only one direction. A terminal can only send data and cannot receive it or it can only receive data but cannot send it. Simplex mode is usually used for a remote device that is meant only to receive data. This mode is not widely used. Speaker, radio & television broadcasting are examples of  simplex transmission, on which the signal is sent from the transmission to your TV antenna. There is no return signal.

Half Duplex Mode
In half duplex mode, data can be transmitted in both directions but only in  one direction at a time. During any transmission, one is the transmitter and the other is receiver. So each time for sending or receiving data, direction of data communication is reversed, this slow down data transmission rate. In half duplex modes, transmission of data can be confirmed. Walky Talky is an example of half duplex.

Full Duplex Mode
In full mode, data can be transmitted in both directions simultaneously. It is a faster mode for transmitting data because no time wastes in switching directions. Example of full duplex is telephone set in which both the users can talk and listen at the same time.

What is Data Communication?
Data Communication refers to the electronic transfer of information between computers. Data Communication have become a major focus of the computer industry. It is the transmission of electronic data over some media. The media may be cables, microwaves. The four basic elements are needed for any communication system.

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