View All Wifi Password from CMD

View wifi Password from CMD
View wifi Password from CMD

Wifi Password from CMD

You can easily retrieve Wi-Fi password using cmd. There are many software available for retrieving wi-fi passwords but from CMD you can view all of Wi-Fi passwords using few commands.

This process is very much applicable when you forgot the Wi-Fi password and you don’t want to change it. Or if you simply want to know the password of connected devices, this method is very useful for you.

Without further a due, let’s begin:

  1. First of all Go to start Menu.
  2. Search for CMD.
  3. Then Right Click on CMD.
  4. Select Run as Administrator. ( This will give you administrative privilege in command prompt. )
  5. After CMD opens up, type netsh wlan show profile. (This command will list all the connected wi-fi networks from your network adapter. )
  6. Then copy the name of that Wi-Fi, which you want to see password.
  7. After that, Type netsh wlan name=”Copy the name of that wi-fi” key=clear. (Note: Include “” while pasting name of wi-fi.)
  8. Now a list of information regarding that wi-fi appears. Find Key Content and see the password yourself.

    View All Wi-fi Password from CMD
    View All Wi-fi Password from CMD

There is another method to view currently connected network’s password. This method will only show you the password of that network only in which you are connected on. So let’s begin:

  1. Press Windows Button.
  2. Search for Control Panel.
  3. Open Control Panel.
  4. Click on Network & Internet.
  5. Click on View network Status and Tasks. (You’ll see the wi-fi name of your currently connected network. )
  6. Then Click on Wi-Fi( Your connected Wi-Fi Name).
  7. Again click on Wireless Properties.
  8. After that Click on Security.
  9. Now Tick Mark on Show Characters.
View All Wi-fi Password from CMD
View All Wi-fi Password from CMD

Therefore, one method is used to retrive passwords of all connected networks till today. And another method is used to view password of current network.

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