Top 5 Free Video Editor For Youtubers.

Top 5 Free Video Editor For Youtubers.

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In comparision to writing, blog it’s quiet difficult to create a youtube video. Creating authentic video that has potential to fetch many views will require more resources (eg: video editor ) and takes a lot of time. But, it’s worth the effort. Which is why, there are a lot of videos out there in youtube. A good video doesn’t need to prove it’s worth by promoting services or products & by attracting visitors. But, only creating a good video won’t be sufficient to fulfill those objectives. You’ve to bring your video within the eye of your target audiences. More Views, Less Time.  Without any due, let’s get started.


1. Movie Maker Online

As youtuber, you’ve to create an awesome video with attractive effects, different fonts, various transitions, matching audio. For all of the requirement, movie maker online provides you a free tools from editing your to free audio and more. If you’re serious about your youtube career then you must try it once.


Movie Maker Online :

2. Avidemux

Not so different from The Movie Maker Online, it provides offline servies andalong with varities of other OS’s.


Avidemux :

3. ClipChamp

ClipChamp is a tool with some unique features. It is a video converter, compressor as well as Webcam recorder, which becomes handy for online video tutorial in youtube. It is very simple to use & can record directly from webcams.It supports 1080p max. resolution. But it has limitation of only five video per month.


ClipChamp :

4. VSDC Free Video Software

It is a surprisingly powerful video tool which provides you with lots of control and editing power.


VSDC Free Video Software :

5. Shotcut

This tool is open source and totally free.



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