The Drum Gun Finally Returned in Fortnite

Drum Gun Finally Returned: The new-old Drum gun has created excitement to it’s players over the globe. On May 4, 2019 “The Unvaulting Event” was successfully organized by Fortnite. The main focus of this event was to notify the players about Rune Loot Lake Unvaulting Event.

The Drum Gun Finally Returned in Fortnite
The Drum Gun Finally Returned in Fortnite

Inside the vault players can find six items encased in blocks of ice:

  • The Tactical Sub-machine Gun ( Released on Season 1 )
  • The Drum Gun ( Released on Season 4 )
  • Bounce Pads ( Released on Season 4 )
  • The Grappler ( Released on Season 5 )
  • The Infinity Blade ( Released on Season 7 ) and,
  • The X-4 Stormwing Plane ( Released on Season 7 )

While the live event was held, most of the players voted for Drum Gun in order to unvault it by collaborating and destroying the ice container.

Drum Gun is a Hybrid Gun which was released on Season 4. It’s a combination of characteristics of Rifle and submachine gun. Being a hybrid gun it is available with un-common and rare variants having around 50-rounds capacity. In order to utilize guns, the Drum Gun was vaulted by the end of Season 5, Last year.

Right after unvaulting The Drum Gun, all players were sent towards volcano just in right time in the map. The hot rock explosion had debris flying toward Towers and Retail Rows along with destroying both locations on the map.

Moreover, Richard “Ninja” Belvins, rated the unvaulting event 10 out 0f 10.

Due to some client issues, some of the fortnite players couldn’t make it to the event or were not able to participate in unvaulting event. As a compensation, fortnite decided to give out “Arcana Gliders” only to those who jumped into the Unvaulting Playlist. And for those players who are already the owner of Gliders will get free V-Buck instead.

Developers are finding a solution and working for the way to replay the event for players who missed.

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