Everything You Need to Know About SMP Earth Wiki

What is SMP Earth Wiki?

SMP Earth Stands for Scale map of the Earth and SMP Earth wiki is the short form of Scale map of the Earth Wikipedia. The SMP Earth Server was officially launched on 22 November 2019. The launch date is also known as Day 1.

As we know Wikipedia is the collection of every available digital information accessible by general public. And The SMP Earth Wiki is also same as Information found on Wikipedia. The only difference is purpose it serves.

“The Best Earth Known to Man” is the slogan of SMP Earth. Basically, SMP Earth is a Minecraft Version of Earth’s Map. And in this Map, more than 60 Creators will be dropped. After that, they have to build or Conquer their own Empire.

What is DYNMAP in SMP Earth Wiki?What is SMP Earth Wiki

DynMap refers to the Dynamic Map of SMP Earth. This is used for different purpose. however, the main purpose of this map is easy reach-ability of favourite creator throughout the map.

The Dynmap is a live Map of SMP World made to follow your favourite creator. As it is a live Map, you can watch the live match as they conquer every nation.

Moreover, the SMP Earth Server is hosted on one of the finest server. DedicatedMC.io is said to have partenered up officially with SMP Earth in order to provide amazing experience in the minecraft earth as they visit it.

What is SMP Earth Wiki

The SMP Earth maps features the following Features inside it:

Creators of SMP Earth Wiki

Fortunately, SMP Earth has around 60 of the best Creators all over the world. They are meant to contribute from their part to build the world map in their own possible way. After, they will have to conquer with each other or befriend in order to create their nations.

These creators are the ones who made this server thing happen. So, the following are the names of every SMP Earth Wiki Creators with their Minecraft Name:

    • AntVenom
    • InkTea
    • Chip
    • CaptainSparklez
    • jamakattack
    • KaraCorvus
    • smajor1995
    • roastedjames
    • quackity
    • Ph1lzA
    • DoniBobes
    • toxxxicsupport
    • bluesdank
    • senzufrijole
    • OGBeefStew
    • TechnoBlade
    • junkyjanker
    • GrunksPromise
    • spifey
    • Fit
    • kwite
    • VoiceOverPete
    • iamtyyy
    • King_Burren
    • YoItsGold
    • Michaelmcchill
    • LukeOrSomething
    • CharlieSH
    • WilburSoot
    • Slimecicle
    • cscoop
    • Krinios
    • Altrive
    • Joko
    • Sneegsnag
    • Its_Jawsh
    • ThePixelBomb
    • SwiftyPat
    • Luemas
    • Seapeekay
    • Timotainment
    • ArlusFinch
    • Stinksterdaily
    • itsasaii
    • underscoremason
    • ConnorEatsPants

And more creators and contributors are to be added soon!

Official Twitter updates of SMP Earth:

How to Download SMP Earth Map?

The SMP Earth map is not available for all people out there. The special map of this server only provides the link to their user who has access to their minecraft account.

And to get the link you have to reach the Bottom-Left Link icon. After that click on it. And you’ll automatically get the link to download the map in your clipboard. Finally goto the link and easily download the map on your device.

Or you can click the link below and get to the SMP Earth map right now.


For more information on SMP Earth Wiki, please stay tuned to the website. I’ll keep you updated as soon as possible. And don’t forget to check other articles while you’re in this website.