Reason and Fix for Computers Slowdown

Reasons and Fix for Computer Slowdown

Computer slowdown is a common problem among every computer users. When you get a new computer, it seems super-fast but over time it gets slower. And everybody think that it’s obvious for computer to slowdown after years of use.

But it is not always true. For some poor specs. computer it may be true but for medium or above, this seems a false statement. Maximum chance behind lag or slowdown is not always hardware component, software has also it’s own downsides over time. Below are the reasons and fix of computer slowdown process. Let’s begin:

  • Startup Programs

    Reason and Fix for Computers Slowdown
    Reason and Fix for Computers Slowdown

Startup programs are those programs which loads as soon as the PC wakes up. Examples of these programs are Skype, Microsoft Outlook, Windows Defender or any antiviruses, and other programs. These programs set themselves as startup programs during installation process. So, to Disable them follow these steps:

  1. Open Task Manager by Pressing Ctrl + Shift + Tab at once.
  2. Then go to Startup menu.
  3. Select only known program and click Disable.
  • Hard Drive Storage

There are many unnecessary files eating up your hard drive space. This is less effective nowadays because the modern HDD come with automatic Hard drive defragmentation. However, the old HDD fragment files for their use to save time, which tends to store different fragmented unnecessary file all over the HDD.

Reason and Fix for Computers Slowdown
Reason and Fix for Computers Slowdown

That’s why your computer has to move around different part of HDD to find the fragmented part to open that file. This can take up some time and slows down your PC for no reason. The pile of leftovers can fill up your hard disk drive in less amount of time. To fix this issue along with other file related issues, CCleaner is the perfect solution. Install it from official website and simply clean the unnecessary files. Moreover, you can fix registry errors with CCleaner to gain some speed.

  • Dust Inside Computer

There is high possibility of dust filled inside your computer, which obviously slows down you PC’s performance and also heats your Computer. The dust directly hits fan while the fan is cooling.

Reason and Fix for Computers Slowdown
Reason and Fix for Computers Slowdown

It starts to pile up and becomes so big that it can block majority of air passing from air-vents. There is a possibility that if you removed those dust your computer can gain some speed because your fan throttles less when it’s not hot. And in cool environment, PC performs faster.

  • Viruses And Malware

All of us know about viruses and it’s properties. In a rare case, if you have a virus inside your computer performing some malicious activity then it’s going to use some of your computers resources. This can interrupt normal performing schedule and creates problem for Central Processing Unit. Which then results in loosing performance power.

Reason and Fix for Computers Slowdown

The solution is simple because Windows nowadays has it’s own antivirus called Windows Defender. Or use other best Antivirus and malware removal software to secure yourself from viruses, malware and adware.

With the above mentioned Reason and Fix for Computers Slowdown, you might be able to gain some speed in your device.

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