Pagalworld: Download, Listen Free Unlimited Entertainment Mp3 Songs

What is Pagalworld?

First of all, Pagalworld is a website which provides free Mp3 songs to Download and listen. The site has a only one purpose to make latest and old songs available to download while listening to it’s viewers.

It’s like a website version of Spotify in which you can listen your song and then download it if you like them for offline listening. The only thing that is not available is Video of that music. And it’s obvious, because the Pagalworld is only to provide access to the mp3 version of every songs available.

Officially, it claims to be the best provider of New Hindi songs music which is the best source of entertainment. And Hindi song will help to keep you entertain all time.

How to Download Song from Pagalworld?

Well, it’s not legal to download songs like this. But Pagalworld provides it however. So, in this article I’ll show you How To Download latest Hindi Mp3 songs from PagalWorld.

Actually, it’s easy to download but the hard part is to enter the right website. I mean, there are lots of spam websites to claim that they are the real one who can provide you the Free Mp3 songs. And all of them are not easy to use and friendly as the official Pagalword Website.

Due to change in copyright and distribution policies, sites like PagalWorld are not taken legal. Because they provide other’s content directly from their website. And doing this may cause a huge punishment and penalties as well.

So, without any further delay let’s see How to Download Songs from the official website of PagalWorld.

  • First of all, go to (It may redirect you to other domains like .mobi, .tk, .pk)
  • After that, you’ll find the search bar.
  • From there search for your favourite song.
  • Then open the page by clicking on it.
  • After that you’ll see a play button.
  • On the right side of that button, there are three horizontal dots.
  • Click on it and click on Download button.

In this way you can easily Download Latest Hindi Mp3 songs for Free from this website.

How is the Homepage of Pagalworld looks like?

Yeah! you may’ve imagined it should be like the Netflix. Very simple but informative interface. And you’re right, it’ same like it simple but informative. And the wrong thing is, it’s not actually like Netflix.

At the top part of Homepage, you’ll see four different options:

  • Bollywood This Year
  • Punjabi This Year
  • IndiPOP This Year
  • Tops Songs This Year

Just below the Songs options, you can see a custom Google search bar. When you use that search bar, you will get a mixed search result of what you search for. So, it’s not only going to search the available article in pagalworld but it’ll also search the other contents related to your search tags. PagalWorld Official Homepage

I’d not recommend you to use that unless you know about it or may have used it once. And if you want a search bar then in the below section I’ll mention it.

After the Custom Google Search Bar, you can see Four Informative topics which clearly describes the following Points:

  • Welcome To pagalworld.
  • What is Pagalworld?
  • Why Pagalworld?
  • Share Us.

Read then carefully if you want to know more about the website. If not you can leave it as it is.

Then comes the first Songs list. Which is the Latest list of songs. It’ll sort out all the Latest songs and List them in a way which is very informative and easy to use for users. It provides higher number of content in such small space. Slightly Right to the Latest Songs, you can see See All button. Click it if you want to find your missing Latest song in there.

Only after Latest Song section, the Category Listing comes. In Category Listing, you can see four different major options. They are:

  • Music
  • Videos
  • Ringtones
  • Search Files

How to Properly Use Category Listing to find Song?Other pagalworld category listing

The first option you can find is Music option. In this section you can find the only music files that are available in this site till now. Once, you get inside this section then you can see different sorting sub-options to find your genre or the best mp3 version of your song.

Secondly, in videos section you don’t find much. But you can search and get more information than that of Music Section. The major part is that you can find the list of Songa along with the movie trailers available in internet.

Thirdly, the ringtones section will provide you the best of all musical ringtones at first. Upon further inspection you can easily fond other genres of ringtones that you may be searching for a long time. Regardless of time, you can even find from latest to the oldest ringtone in this section.

Finally, Search Files option is used to find any of the above three files specifically of you can’t find it in the Homepage section. It’s very easy to use. Just put your keyword or the name of your song then find either you song, video or the ringtone. You can literally find anything in here that is related to Hindi Songs.

Recent Albums and Top Songsrecent albums and top songs

You can easily get idea on what this is about. They are two different categories as the above ones. The Recent Albums will provide you the list and names of latest released albums in the Hindi music world. And the Top Songs will provide mostly watched song.

In Recent Albums, you can mostly find movies songs collections. This is the very easy way to get your favourite song of your favourite movie.

In Top Songs, you can see the trending list of songs. Moreover, you can find a View all Button too. From there you can see all the available Trending songs from Bollywood sorted according to the time they added and number of views they’ve got.

Other Music Headings in PagalWorldother headings from pagalworld

All the other sub topic on the homepage are as follows:

  • TikTok Trending Songs
  • Bollywood Music
  • Punjabi Songs
  • IndiPOP Songs
  • Dj Remix Songs
  • Bollywood Videos
  • Latest Ringtones
  • All Mp3 Songs
  • Bollywood Mp3 Songs
  • Punjabi Mp3 Songs
  • Indipop Mp3 Song
  • DJ Remix Mp3 Songs
  • Bhakti God Mp3 Songs
  • Desh Bhakti Songs
  • Best Of Artists Mp3 Songs
  • Yo Yo Honey Singh Mp3 Songs
  • Arijit Singh Mp3 Songs
  • Atif Aslam Mp3 Songs
  • All Videos
  • Bollywood Videos 2018
  • Punjabi Videos 2018
  • Indipop Videos
  • All Ringtones
  • Bollywood Ringtones

TikTok Trending Songs, Bollywood Music, Punjabi Songs, IndiPOP Songs, Dj Remix Songs, Bollywood Videos, Latest Ringtones are the major ones. And the sub topics below them are  link provided by PagalWorld which is for ease of viewers and users.

Finally, PagalWorld is the complete package of Hindi Songs site to Listen, Download and get information on the latest Bollywood Music website.

Disclaimer: This article is only for the reference and general idea of How the subject is and How it looks like. Moreover, information provided in the article are to properly navigate them in the subject so that they can be aware and doesn’t get in trouble. TCT doesn’t encourages any illegal activities.