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Openload: It is one of the mostly surfed Website over the internet. It was mostly used in order to Download and watch Hollywood Movies and TV Series for free of charged. However, the content are pirated and illegaly provided.

This site is also popular for hosting live events, and providing popular TV series such as Game of Thrones in short period of time after it’s initial release.

According to the research conducted by Torrent Freak, This site was among one of the most popular video streaming sites. Some famous and legal sites like Hulu, HBO Go and BBC iPlayer were left behind by the visitor count in the research.

Openload Stream Latest Movies and TV Shows for free

The servers of this site was located in France, Germany and Romania. It had over 1000 servers in the location as said by Alliance for Creativity and Entertainment (ACE). Also the Free streaming site has hosted around 72 percent of the total pirated content over the world. All those content were pirated Movies, TV Series and Pirated Live streams.

Streaming Movies from Openload is Easy

This website has the best point regarding user interface. The user interface was liked by the users. It was very simple and more convincing. However, the pirated contents were the only thing standing between YouTube and Opnload.

If you want to download and stream movies then just search for the name of the movie. Click on it and you’ll see the video player. Just above the Video Player, there was two options Download and Embed. The download option will take you to the download page and The embed link will allow you to embed the exact video in your website.

Information About Openload

It is a Pirated Website, For this reason, the Ace has banned this site recently. So you will see a change in the links after a few months. This site redirects its old domain to its new domain which allows viewers to watch surf the site. Here are some domains of site. They are also called the Openload proxy or Opnload Proxies.

Openload Review

Upon Inspecting the Website from different sources, it is found that Opnload has reached the position of #297 in last months of 2019 globally among the total sites in the internet. 297th position is not a joke for companies like BBC, Hulu and many other. 

In a short period of time, it successfully reached it’s hype nearly upto the top of the list in the website.

Other similar sites like this are,,, etc. They can be taken as the top competitors of Opnload.

Most of the visitor from Opnload are interested to watch Pornhub and other Adult sites and fewer of them seems to move towards,, etc.

Although the site is visited globally and liked as well. But users from India, Myanmar and Germany tend to visit this site often.

According to the data provided by, sites like,,, & were visited just before visiting Openload. And sites like,,, & were visited right after opnload.

Moreover, upon the calculation on the Worth of Web, Opnload was estimated to have worth of around $583,000,000 in total. Which even received a rank of 89% by the site. It means the site would earn about average of $59,744 per day, $1,792,320 per month & $21,507,840 per year.

Alongside, the number of visitors per day are estimated to be 3,983,000, which makes 119,490,000 per month & 1,433,880,000 per day. This is a lot of visitor for a website.

Also, in case of Estimated pageviews per day there were 19,914,794 pageviews, 597,443,820 per month & 7,169,325,840 per year.

If the data is correct, the owner would have made a fortune with this much viewers and dollars per day.

About Us of Opnload


Which kind of files are allowed to upload in Openload?

You can upload all files you want. For the most known filetypes/codecs they offer the possibility to stream it directly. Actually they are supporting the following file types/codecs for streaming:

  • Audio: MP3;AAC;Ogg Opus;WebM Vorbis;WebM Opus;WAV-PCM
  • Video: MP4; WebM; Ogg Theora
  • Docs: .html; .php; .txt

What is the max limit of filesize to upload?

The maximum file size is limited to 1 GB. Your files can be up to 10 GB without any restrictions if you allow to convert them.

Are there any download speed limitations?

Currently there arent any limitations.

How long does Openload host a file?

Streamable files will be deleted after 60 days inactivity ( non streamable files after 30 days of inactivity )

How is it not-legal to pirate contents?

It is clearly declared by the Government that uploads or download Pirated Movies is completely illegal. You can be sentenced to prison with millions of dollar as a fine.

That’s because the Movie industries suffer a lot from such activities. They invest a lot amount of money to produce a movie. Due to the availability of such websites, people tend to download movies & TV Series from these sites without purchasing their original CD, DVD or going to theater. doesnot advice you to use such illegal sites.


Piracy is unlawful and opposes piracy. This content has been given only for information, its purpose is not to encourage or Promote piracy and Illegal activities in any way.