Multimedia And It’s Components

Introduction to Multimedia

Multimedia has become a popular technology in these days. It can be termed as a presentation which involves two or more performing at the same time where the media can be text, graphics, audio, animation, video, and data. It simply can be defined as the integration of many media together. The main ultimate theme of using multimedia is interactivity. In the early days, computers were used for only computing jobs  and only the computer games contain the multimedia. After the advancement of various technologies and CPU which does support multimedia features, now it has been implemented widely in different fields. It has totally changed the  behavioral aspects of mankind.


  • Text
    Text can be of any type, may be a word, a single line, or a paragraph. It  is the original words and form of a written or printed work. For conveying the message, the creator can use text for easy in multimedia. The textual data for multimedia can be developed using any text editor. However, to  give special effects, one needs graphics software which supports this kind of job. Even one can use any of the most popular word processing software to create textual data for  inclusion in multimedia. The text can have different type, size, color and style to suit the professional requirement of the multimedia software.
  • Image
    The term basically refers to image or picture. Unlike text, which uses a universal ASCII format, graphics does not have a single agreed format. The image or picture can definitely expresses the ideas how it works or deliver message in an easy way. A proverb saying, “A picture is of thousand words” meaning , a picture can describe more than the text.
  • Audio
    Audio has greater role to play in multimedia development. Incorporation of audio is one of the most  important features of multimedia, which enhance the multimedia usability to its full potential. There are several type of  sound, which can be used in multimedia. They are human voices, instrumental notes, natural sound and many more. All these can be used in any combination as long as they give some meaning to their inclusion in multimedia. Basically,  while using with video and animation, it is of utmost important.
  • Video
    Video is the running frames of static pictures. Actually, each frame composed of some event. The  computer reads a particular video clip as a series of still pictures  called frames. Thus video clip is made of a series of separate frames where each frame is slightly different from previous one. Thee computer reads each frame as a bitmap image. Generally there are 5 to 25 fps so that the movement is smooth.
  • Animation
    A computer based animation is sequence of still vector images displayed in rapid succession to provide visual effects. Animation is created to express ideas where  complex explanations need to be effectively delivered. Moving images have an overpowering effect on the human peripheral vision. It is also one of the important components for  multimedia to communicate difficult aspects of the  content. Animation can be two dimensional or three dimensional. Animation provides life to the computer generated images. Some of the excellent software available to create animation is Animator Pro, Maya 3D, AutoCAD, 3DMax, Macromedia Flash.

Applications Or Uses of AI

The potential applications of Artificial Intelligence are abundant. They can be used in military for various operations, to the entertainment industry for computer games and robotic pets. Let’s also not forget big establishments dealing with huge amounts of information such as  hospitals, banks and insurances, which can use AI to predict customer behavior and detect trends. Over plenty of uses, below are some of the major uses of AI.

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