Modular Programming And It’s Benefits

Modular Programming And It's Benefits
Modular Programming And It's Benefits

Modular Programming

Modular programming is the process of breaking down a problem into smaller tasks. These tasks can be then be broken down into sub-tasks. This divide and conquer strategy can make a daunting programming project very feasible. The advantage of modular programming is that it is very easy to understand. In addition to this, the codes can be stored in multiple files. It also allows collaborative programming.
QBASIC program consists of module level code and a number of procedures. The module level code is the main program controlling the computer. Procedures are separate blocks of statements used by the module level code; they can be called by the module level code any number of times.

Benefits of Modular Programming
The modular design offers several advantages, such as:

  • Distributed Development
    Modular programming allows distributed development. By breaking down the problem into multiple tasks, different developers an work in parallel. And this will shorten the development time.
  • Code Re-usability
    A program module can be reused in programs. This is a convenient feature because it reduces redundant code. Modules can also be reused in future projects. It is easier to reuse a module than recreate program logic from scratch.
Types of Multimedia
Types of Multimedia
  • Program Readability
    Modular programming leads to more readable programs. Module can be implemented as user defined functions. A program that has plenty of functions is straightforward. But a program with no  functions can be very long and hard to follow.
  • Manageable Tasks
    Breaking down a programming project into modules makes it more manageable. These individuals modules are easier to design, implement and test. Then you can use these modules to construct the overall program.
  • Easier to Debug
    When debugging large programs, how and when any bugs occur can become a mystery. This can take much of a programmer valuable time as he searches through lines and lines  of code to find out where an error occurred, and problems it causes in the program. If a program is designed with modularity in mind, however, then each discrete task has its own discrete section of code. So, if there is a problem in a particular function, the programmer knows where to look  and can manage a smaller portion of code.
    Modular programming is an important and beneficial approach to programming problems. They make program development easier, and they can also help with future development projects.

Computer Number System
Number system is a set of values used to represent different quantities. The digital computer represents all kinds of data and information in binary numbers. It includes audio, graphics, video, text and numbers. The total number of digits used in a number system is called its base or radix. The base is written after the number as subscript.

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