How To Make Bootable USB & Partition For Dual Boot.

Steps To Dual Boot. ( Making Bootable USB Drive )

First, you have to be aware about, you are using UEFI currently with windows. Dual Boot of Linux/Unix/Mac osX with Windows is the best utilization of computer. However, you need to take some caution during the process. Make sure to back up your important datas. In this process, you’ll make some modification with your hard drive, you may backup your external media. Once you’ve finished the backup, we recommend you peruse installation process, which explains the normal procedure for a basic install.

Materials Required:

8GB Pendrive
At lest Dual-Core with 2GB of RAM.
Windows 7/8/8.1/10
ISO File
Win32 Disk Imager
20 GB free disk space ( Minimum )
USB/CD-DVD boot support

Installation Procedure:

1. Make a Bootable Drive

Install Win32 Disk Imager. It’s Very simple Just Run the setup and then Next Next.
Open Win32 Disk Imager and Choose your ISO file and Drive ( USB ) and then finally select Write.

2. Preparing Free Disk Space.

In this step,  we’ll be allocating some storage for installing kali linux. You must allocate minimum 20 Gb of free Space. But, I recommend you to use at least 50 – 60 GB, because you’re using kali along with windows, so for installing some packages and updating/upgrading the kali, it may require that much space. If you”re ready for next step then, Follow me along with pictures and steps:

a. Right click on start button.

b. Select Disk Management.

How To Dual Boot Kali Linux & Windows.


c. Select 50-60 GB Partition.

How To Dual Boot Kali Linux & Windows.


d. Right click on the partition and delete volume.

How To Dual Boot Kali Linux & Windows.


e. A Pop-up will appear, Select Yes.

How To Dual Boot Kali Linux & Windows.

g. Now the partition will be unallocated.

How To Dual Boot Kali Linux & Windows.

h. Then restart/shutdown your device.

How To Dual Boot Kali Linux & Windows.

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