How to Lock Folder Without any Software in Windows 10

How to Lock Folder Without any Software in Windows 10: Before this article, you may’ve used different types of software or coding methods to lock folder. But this article shows you How to Lock Folder Without any Software or codin in Windows 10.

Sometimes, you need some privacy over your personal files and folders. They may hold some of the important documents or pictures and you don’t want to show them to everyone. In this case the Windows folder locking trick comes handy.Lock Folder Without any Software

How to Lock Folder Without any Software in Windows 10

So, without any further description let’s start the process:

  • Right Click on a folder you want to secure.
  • Go to Properties.
  • Navigate to Security option.
  • Then Select Administrator.
  • Click on edit. (A new dialog box appears)
  • Again select Administrator
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  • Then below you’ll see following options:
    • Full Control
    • Modify
    • Read & Execute
    • List Folder Contents
    • Read
    • Write
    • Rename
  • Now on Deny row, select Full Control option. Which will select all of the options below Full Control.
  • Now click on Apply.
  • Then Click on Yes after a dialog box appears.
  • Now Close all those dialog boxes.

Finally the folder is locked. Now, you can’t perform any operation inside the folder. You can’t Rename, Copy or Edit that folder.

This operation is effective for disabling Copy or Paste of folders or the files inside it. It minimizes the risk of loss of files and even virus attacks. The lock process is hard to break for a normal computer user. But with some technical knowledge and skills, someone can open it easily. And the fact here is, not everyone is technical. So, this process fits for non-technical users. Thank You!