Lip Sync Live – New Musical Update Of Facebook.

What is Lip Sync Live?

In partnership of facebook with music companies over the world brought music to more experiences on Facebook. Facebook officially announced the new feature which is called as “Lip Sync Live”. Similar to, this update of facebook will surely help people to express themselves along with music in their post. Lip Sync Live is a new way to express yourself live by lip syncing to music you know and love. Lip Sync Live will be available on iOS to start.

Anyone can learn to use Lip Sync Live, with these 6 steps guide provided by facebook :

1 : Tap the live button.

2 : Tap the Lip Sync theme.

3 : Select the song and tap play, depending upon your preference & mood.

4 : Play the play button, and countdown starts.

5 : Try different genres. Your friends can comment and react in live session.

6 : Post and share your video after the broadcast ends.

For Official Guide PDF CheckOut :

In the coming months, Facebook committed to start testing options to add the music you love to Facebook Stories. They’re looking forward to continue to work with the music industry to create new ways for people to express themselves through music across apps.

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