iPhone XS Max vs Galaxy S10+

iPhone XS Max vs Galaxy S10+: In comparison, normally other phones are compared with iPhone specially Samsung. In this article, we’re going to find out best of the best Superphone from Samsung and Apple.

Hardware & Design

iphone vs galaxy s10
iphone vs galaxy s10

Talking about Hardware and Design, both S10+ and XS Max are well-built. iPhone has nice stainless steel frame on it’s side which makes it look nice but still it’s wider and heavier. On the other hand, Samsung is somehow lighter and pretty much one handed.


Both of them have best display in the market available right now. iPhone’s got a crisp, more colour accurate and brighter 6.5″ OLED display. And Samsung has 6.4″ Dynamic-AMOLED display with features like versatility, Higher Resolution and Colour resolution.


With Snapdragon 855 paired with 8GB RAM, Samsung Galaxy S10+ provides better performance for day to day use. There is not much of difference in performance between iPhone XS Max and Galaxy S10+ until you can observe difference of Milliseconds.


Battery life is also a crucial part while comparing two different phones. So, in this case Samsung Galaxy S10+ seems to be a winner because XS Max has over 5 and half hour on screen battery life in comparison to 6 and half hour of Samsung Galaxy S10+.


Both cameras are best fit for day-to-day regular shots. They both have their own advantages and disadvantages, and it completely depends upon which one you like. XS Max can be better at videos and portrait shots, while S10+ will be best for other features than portrait and video.

As i can suggest, both of them are premium and best phones available and have not much of difference with each other. So, it’s up-to you to decide which one you prefer. But as per my own thoughts S10+ will be a better choice not because of it runs android but due to the more features and longer battery life.

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