How to zip file or folder

Zip file 

Well, Zipping is very useful these days. It has many advantages and usability also. The main purpose of Zip file is to keep all the files and folders into one place.

Zipped files are Compressed in different methods according to the choice of user. But people tend to use Zipping for either Storing all the files inside a single folder, or to transfer file from one destination to another destination in order to provide security and prevent Data Loss.

Does Zipping reduce quality?

In case of quality, zipping makes 0 effect. That means a clear no. It doesn’t reduce quality of your file. But with the zipped files, there is always the risk of data loss. Because even a single error during Zipping or Unzipping can stop the Unzip process. The problem can be smaller than a bit or up-to GB, and it doesn’t matter as an error.

How to Zip a File

Zipping a file in Windows device is very easy. It’s like transferring file from one device to other. It’s 3 clicks away from your Desktop. In one sentence, Click the file you want to Zip then go to Send to and then Compressed Folder. And wait for some time until completion. After that you’re done zipping the file. If this sentence is hard to understand, then let me show you the step-wise process:

  • First of all, Locate the File you want to Zip. In this picture, i’m going to use the text file called thecosmotech.txt.How to zip file or folder
  • Now, Right-Click on the file you want to zip. List of options will appear.How to zip file or folder
  • From those options, Hover over to Send to.How to zip file or folder
  • After that, click on Compressed (Zipped) Folder.
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  • On the same location, you’ll get a new Zipped Folder.How to zip file or folder
  • You can Rename it to whatever you want.

After this process, you can either save the zip folder, or you can share your zip folder to others. This process is mainly used in Gaming to provide huge amount of data in smaller file. This process can be used in normal files too. But remember, huge data takes more minutes of compression than a small data.

How to Zip a Folder

Well, it’s not so difficult as it sounds. Creating a Zip folder is also easy as Creating a Zip file. It’s highly recommended to directly zip files rather than folder. Because Zipping a folder may cause error. Which may be painful while Unzipping it. As I said before, if there’s even a bit of an error while creating zip folder, then you can’t unzip it.

The process of Zip Folder is same as Zip File. But in this process you’ll have to select a Folder in place of File. And other process are still the same. If you’re still confused, then follow the steps below:

  • First of all, Locate the Folder you want to Zip. In this picture, i’m going to use the text file called thecosmotech.txt.
  • Now, Right-Click on the folder you want to zip. List of options will appear.
  • From those options, Hover over to Send to.
  • After that, click on Compressed (Zipped) Folder.
  • On the same location, you’ll get a new Zipped Folder.
  • You can Rename it to whatever you want.

After that, you can either store or share the zip folder with your friends or colleagues.

Some FAQ related to Zip file.

  • Why is my ZIP file not smaller?
    If files are already compressed to their limits, then they cannot be compressed further. Some software – programs usually compress their files in order to save some space. So, if you try to ZIP those files, you can’t reduce the File-size.
  • Why to zip a file?
    Well, Zip Files compresses data which results in saving time and space. You can use these files while downloading them from internet or sending an e-mail attachment. You can get all the related files within one downloads.
  • How do I compress a file to email it?
    It’s a very simple process. You have to follow the above process in order to create a zip file and then you can send it as an attachment through your e-mail.
  • How do I compress a large file?
    Normally, the Zip file creating process is the same to any file size. But if you want more advanced zipping, then you can use various software like WinZip, 7-Zip, WinRAR etc. However, Zipping process takes more time for a large file than a smaller one.
  • Does Windows 10 need WinZip?
    Normally, it’s unnecessary for Windows 10 user. Because, Windows has built-in Compressor and Un-Zipper available. The above process is just an illustration of How to Compress a file without using any Software.
  • Can you compress a compressed file?
    Generally, there is no limit on compressing a file. But if your purpose is to reduce file size then it’s only for once. However, if you want to prank your friends then you can compress a compressed file.
  • How do you compress JPEG files?
    Whatever the file type is, it doesn’t matter. So, follow the exact same steps from above and get your file compressed. Either it is a PDF, JPEG, PNG, a word file, or an exe file. You can compress any file type using the exact same process.
  • Is RAR or ZIP better?
    If the final objective  of compressing a file is to safely transfer it to another location, then there is no comparison. However, creating a RAR file needs a commercial software call WinRAR which may give it some more extra features. But they serve same purpose.
  • Why is RAR still used?
    RAR is usually awesome. And it can create a smaller file when compressed if compared to ZIP file. That’s why RAR is still in use to save space and time of compression at once.
  • Download WInRAR.
  • Are RAR files safe?
    If the question is on software, then the answer is yes. But if you’re asking whether the file inside it is safe or not, then it’s not possible to declare it safe until we can see what’s inside it. If it’s compressed with a malicious file or code inside then extracting it’ll make it un-safe. It depends upon the file which is compressed. However, WinRAR gives you a virus scanner, in case if it contains a virus.