How To Set Password On Windows 10

Set Password On Windows 10: So, for many reasons Password is required. There may be your Privacy at risk or your data, research or any important documents stored inside your Laptop or Computer. We can’t really know whats going to happen.

So Prevention is better than cure. Therefore,setting a password in your Windows Laptop or PC will minimize the risk of your data being stolen. Even the risk of Digital Theft is also minimized at some extent with a password.

It’s not easy to crack any password until and unless you’ve a secured system and the best combination of Password. Let’s move to process on How To Set Password On Windows 10. Follow these steps carefully and don’t forget to note down your password somewhere. So, without any delay let’s start:

  • Go to Start Menu.
  • Go to Account Option.How To Set Password On Windows 10
  • Then Click on Add tab.How To Set Password On Windows 10
  • Fill these boxes with new password. Don’t forget to use a strong combination of Password in order make your password secure.
    An example of medium strength  combination would be #Set_Password_On_Windows_10 or combination of number. But to make it even more stronger and shorter you can use something just like this: Windows10@Thecosmotech!@#$%^&*()_+The9Cosmo8Tech. In case, if someone tries to crack your password the only option left will be giving up because this length of password takes years to crack.
  • Now provide a strong and hard to crack hint too.
    It’ll also help you to recall your password and makes a third person very difficult to even try to think of it. So, provide a Short yet Stronger hint for yourself.
  • Now Click on Next Button.
  • Finally click on Finish Button to save all your changes on password.
  • Then close the Settings Tab too.

In order to check whether the Password is set or not, simply restart your Laptop / Computer. But before that make sure you still remember your password perfectly. If you’re confused about it please remember it and Note it down inside your private note.

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