How To Secure Your PC ?

Secure Your PC

To provide 100% security to your PC is like visiting heaven with rocket, Which is impossible. But you can do something to secure your device to some extent. If someone is willing to access your PC illegally, then his skill is the most crucial part. And you can secure your PC according to the level and skill of intruder. There are countless companies claiming that they can provide 100% security. These companies can provide security to some extent only. Therefore, today we’re talking about some of the best ways to secure your PC from unauthorized access. As i’ve stated above, this method is not a 100% solution. This method can prevent you only to some extent. So, without any further a due let’s get started.

Below are the list of solutions and software that can help you to secure your PC.

  • Disconnect your PC From Internet when it is idle.

Yes, disconnecting PC during the idle time is one of the best way to prevent your PC from attackers. Most of the attacks are performed when you leave your PC awake without any supervision. It is the perfect time for an intruder to attack. During idle period it’s easier to run payload, execute commands, install malware etc. Also disconnecting PC from internet can prevent you from reverse attacks. Reverse Attack is one of the most dangerous attacks in which an attacker uses backdoor to access your PC from their Devices. Once a payload is installed then all of your digital data can be accessed with the help of internet. Therefore, Disabling the internet access during idle time can help you to secure your PC.

  •  Choose The Best Browser.

The easier and mostly used way to fool users and plant virus easily is through the browser. Most people want to surf different sites for different purposes. And when they enter a scam site unknowingly, then the site prompts users with different ads and convince user to download some sort of software they claim to be safer. Afterward, user will be in a greater problem then they’ve ever imagined. A Web browser plays an important role in prevention of these sorts of scams. So, I hardly recommend you to use Chrome and update it instantly. Chrome is the best browser though it consumes way more RAM than other Browsers.

  • Use An Antivirus Software.

Using an antivirus is helpful to some extent but full protection is not possible. Even a 16 years old kid stole, important data of Apple company. Antivirus will surely protect you from most of the attacks but if not updated it won’t be able to protect your computer. Frequent update is essential but every second new flaws and loopholes are developed. There are various antivirus software to use. My recommendation will be window’s native Windows Defender. It’s free to use and protects you from many viruses and attacks. But if you want other best antivirus softwares, feel free to search.
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  • Use Different Password For Different Accounts.

Most of us use same password for almost all accounts like Gmail, Facebook, and others. Using a strong password is safe but using same password within different account increases the risks. If you chose a stronger password that uses various symbols, numbers and uppercase and lowercase letters, and used it in various site that requires the passwords then you are insecure at all. Because, most of the sites can still view the registered username and passwords. That’s why use different passwords for different site and never store the password inside the computer. Rather, note down the password in a copy and keep it safe in case you forgot your password.

Example of a strong password in order to Secure Your PC: @The$Cosmo%$Tech(.com)1543The*+Cosmote89c34h.

  • Download Software From Official And Trusted Sources Only.

Using cracked software is common nowadays because paid software can be used freely with just download and install. People don’t realize the consequences of using cracked software. They may’ve to pay more than the cost of the software. Use of pirated or cracked software is strictly prohibited according to the cyber law, because it also spreads viruses and malware. Some of the infected software contains viruses and payloads that can easily bypass antivirus. Think before using a pirated software and visiting a scam site that can cause you a lot of harm.

  • Use A VPN When You’re Outside Your Network.

One of the favourite spot of an attacker is public Network or a free Wi-Fi. Most of the public Wi-Fi are unencrypted and easily accessible which makes them insecure. Using an unencrypted network for your personal use is very much unsafe. If you are at the public place and you have an urgent task to fulfill rather use a VPN for your own security. Because using a VPN means creating a sort of wall between the traffic and the attacker. So, prepare yourself before you stuck in a situation where you’ve to use a public Wi-Fi.

  • Encrypt And Backup Your Files.

In case your laptop gets stolen then your data are vulnerable and can be accessed easily. Or if you’re under the spy’s supervision then your data is at risk. In order to protect your device from such incidents, simply encrypt your data. Not only from the thief’s but also from those peoples who managed to steal your password, Encryption can protect your data. If you’re a windows user and want to encrypt your drive then use bitlocker as an encryption tool. It’s free to use and easy to setup. As well create backup too in case you accidentally lost your file.

  • Update Your Windows Frequently.

To protect from latest possible flaws, frequently update your PC. Most of the attackers will target for the purpose of learning the possible ways to crack your network to access your devices. In some case, they even succeed by using some exploits and techniques that’s been used for a while by others. And the IT section of the Windows contains some white hat hackers to keep you safe from possible flaws. They solve the issue within their lab and provide us with the medium of windows update. But if your PC is not up to date then you’re in great risk. Therefore, either update your device frequently or turn on the windows automatic update option.

Also visit the microsoft’s official security essential:

Mentioned above are only some of the ways to secure your laptop from various attacks and flaws. There are still lots of steps to follow in order to secure your devices. But above are the must one’s to protect yourself from most of the security problems that may occur in daily life. So, be aware of the technological flaws and be secure. If you have any issues then please contact us, and feel free to share your problems.

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