How to Play YouTube in Background on Android

Play YouTube in Background on Android

Officially, YouTube allows it’s users to play background music after Subscription. Same process goes for downloading offline music or other videos. But, now we can easily play YouTube in background using app called YouTube vanced.

There are so many apps available inside playstore and outside of it. Some of those apps contain ads, some of them contains virus bu only few are ads and virus free. Among them, YouTube Vanced is the mostly used one.

App interface of YouTube vanced app is very similar to YouTube. Every features of YouTube are available in this app. However, this app is available outside playstore. Therefore, it’s a third-party app which provides advanced features of YouTube for every users.

How To Download Tubevanced?

Well, the method is pretty simple. One more thing about YoutubeVanced is that this app doesn’t need root permission. You can use this application easily in most of the android devices. Follow these steps and get your app on your Smartphone.

  1. Go to official YouTube Vanced website. ( i.e.
  2. Click Downloads on top-right corner.
  3. You can choose three different apks. Choose For non-rooted device in case of not rooted devices, Choose For Rooted Device for rooted device & For Magisk Root Devices is for devices using Magisk repository.
  4. Install the apk.
  5. Imp Notice: Dont’t signin using your gmail for security purpose.

YouTube Vanced FAQs

What about original YouTube?

Your original YouTube app will remain as same but another app will be added as YouTube Vanced.

Is Script Required to install Updates?

No, It is not.

Can this app be installed in normal way?

Yes, only in non-rooted devices you can install YouTube Vanced like others apps. But other versions requires different procedure.

Is video download feature available?

No, not video download option till now. But future updates surely will as announced officially.

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