How To Install Kali Linux On Windows From Store.

Install Kali Linux On Windows From Store

You already know the installation procedure if you’re a linux freak. But if you are beginner and want to know the process involved in the installation of kali linux then you’re welcome. Most of linux user prefer kali linux for it’s offensive tools. While installing kali linux in windows you’ve to perform one major task. Without it you can’t run kali linux directly from desktop. The major task is to enable WSL with the help of powershell. WSL stands for Windows Subsystem Linux. After that, the installation process is as easy as installing an app. If you don’t have latest update of windows 10, I recommend you to update it in order to avoid future problems ( Before installation and After installation ). So, if you’re ready to install kali linux on  your desktop, follow me through the steps:

Steps to install kali linux on windows from store:

  • Restart your Laptop after update.
  • Right Click on Start button. (A list will appear.)
  • Select Windows Powershell (Admin). (A user account control dialog box will appear.)
  • Select Yes. ( Windows Powershell with admin privilege will open up. )
  • Then be careful and type the following command, without any error:

Enable-WindowsOptionalFeature -Online -FeatureName Microsoft-Windows-Subsystem-Linux ( Re-check the code if necessary. )

How To Install Kali Linux On Windows From Store.
How To Install Kali Linux On Windows From Store.
  • Then Press Enter. ( You’ll see the code working like in below picture. )
How To Install Kali Linux On Windows From Store.
How To Install Kali Linux On Windows From Store.
  • After that, you’ll be asked to restart or not. Type to Restart.
  • Your Windows 10 will reboot. ( Refresh your laptop after restart. )
  • Now open Windows Store.
  • Search for kali Linux app in windows store.
  • Click Kali Linux From result.
  • Then click Get to download and install kali linux on your device.
  • It’ll take few minutes to download, depending on your internet speed.
  • After installation is complete, Launch Kali Linux.
  • A CMD look alike will appear.
  •  Then Create a regular user as a part of installation process.
  • Enter Your Username” will appear.
  • Provide the required information. ( Username and Passwords )
  • Then Update your kali linux firstly with following commands.
    sudo apt-get update

Now you’ve installed and updated your kali linux on your windows laptop. Enroll in various linux courses and become a good computer operator.

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