How to Increase IDM Downloading Speed By 10x

How to Increase IDM Downloading Speed: So, you might have thought IDM in Normal mode uses all the internet. But with some tricks we can increase the speed more faster than before.

And you don’t need to worry for slow download speed after this kind of tutorial. Just note down your normal download speed and after using these steps again check your internet speed. I think it will be fair for both of us.

There is not much to make change. Just two settings and you are good to go. Remember, if you already have a faster internet then the change may not be as expected for you. But if you have slower internet connection then you can definitely experience the change in download speed.

There are some cases in which this trick may not work. For example, if you have faster internet connection or you are far from your router. A weak signal strength doesn’t tends to perform well at any speed of your internet connectivity.

How to Increase IDM Downloading Speed

So, without any delay let’s begin to increase the speed of Internet Download Manager. Follow these steps below carefully:

  • Open Internet Download Manager first.
  • Then go-to Downloads option.
  • Under drop-down menu, Select Options.
  • Then you’ll find the following set of options.
  • Leave all the other options and go-to Connection.
  • We’ll only make few changes and we’re good to go then.
  • Under Connection type / speed section, click on “-Select your internet connection-“.
  • Then select High Speed: Direct Connection.
  • Now under Max. Connection Number, Set Default Max Conn. Number to 32.
  • Then Press OK on Pop-up.
  • Again Click on Ok after Pop-up closes.

Let me make you clear what we’ve done so far. At first in connection option we’ve made a single but effective change. Before now, the setting was not selected for High Speed Internet connection. The IDM itself would create a fluctuation in download speed even in a single low amount of changes.

It means, a single fluctuation on a network would create a higher impact on download because the Connection Speed would change between Low Speed, Medium Speed and High Speed. This fluctuation may cause problem in download. And setting your Connection Speed / Type in High Speed will surely create fluctuations but will stay at Higher Speed Connection Type.

The second thing We’ve done here is changing the Default Max. Connection Number. Basically the number of connection to the server also creates huge impact on your Internet Speed. There are some servers which might block you for having so much of connections. But normally most of the websites support this type of connection.

Therefore, after knowing what we’ve done to your Internet Download Manager Give your IDM a try. It might give you the best result possible. Find the difference of Before and After change, then share it with us to show it to other visitors.

Finally, if this trick worked for you, give a comment saying ” It Worked” and if it didn’t worked give us some comment saying “Didn’t work”. If you have better advice than this please share it through comment section as well. Thank You!