How To Fix Write Protected Disk Error?

Write Protected USB Error.

Write Protection in USB means, users are authorized only to view the content inside the USB, but not authorized to edit the contents. USB drives like Pen Drive and Flash Drive has an emergency feature called ” Write Protection “. We take this as an error but it’s actually a data prevention function, set up by USB manufacturer. This write prevention initiates when the USB device detects malfunction, which may result in data loss. The device can’t differentiate the important and others data. Therefore, after detection of malfunction, data is saved by write protection. In case of Write Protected Disk, users are informed by showing pop-up ” The disk is write protected. ”

Most of the write protection can be removed. There are some Write Protection which can’t be disabled. Hope your’s can be fixed. So, without further a due let’s start.

Here are More Than One Solutions To Fix Write Protected USB Drives. All the possible fixes are compiled below. Use these solutions and fix your device.

Solution 1:
This solution is mostly used and suggested solution. Most disks are fixed with this solution. Steps:

1. Press “Windows + R” Button at once.
2. Select “Yes” from Pop-Up.
3. Follow this Directory: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\Currentcontrolset\control\
Then find storage device policy. If not found, follow steps below
1.1 Right Click on control folder.
1.2 Select New ~ Key.
1.3 Set the name ” Key #1 ” as ” StorageDevicePolicies”.
4. Right Click on StorageDevicePolicies folder.
5. Select New DWORD(32-bit/64-bit) value according to your operating system.
6. Again rename DWORD into Write-protect.
7. Double Click Write-protect and change the value data to 0 with hexadecimal base.
8. Close ” Reg-edit “.
9. Refresh your PC 10 times, with USB inserted.
10. Properly Eject your USB Device.
11. Insert USB again and finally format it using ex-fat instead of Fat32.

Solution 2:
If the above solution is useless for you, then try this one. This solution uses DOS ( Disk Operating System ) command. So, use commands carefully. Steps:

1. Press “Windows + R” Button at once.
2. Type CMD & press Enter.
3. Type ” diskpart ” & press enter again.
4. Select “Yes” from Pop-Up.
5. A new CMD box will appear.
6. In new CMD, write ” list disk ” & press Enter.
7. Write ” select disk 2 ” then enter .Note: select your flash drive or memory card disk label 1 or 2 .
8. Write ” attributes disk clear read-only ” then enter .

Solution 3:
This problem may have occurred due to some antivirus or malware. So, in order to remove virus scan with best and updated antivirus software.

Checkout Some Of The Best Antivirus Software for PC & MAC:

Top 10 Antivirus Softwares 2018 – For PC & Mac.

Solution 4:
Your USB Drive may be out of date. So check the latest update of your USB Drive from the official vendor source. Then check if the device is fixed.

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