How to Create Folder in Gmail

Create Folder in Gmail: Gmail actually doesn’t have folders but they have whats called labels. It’s the quite similar concept as that of Yahoo or Outlook where they have folders ready to Drag and Drop. So, Gmail has more of an organization based concept while using labels.create folder in gmailThe labels can be separated with different colors and also their names too. You can give your preferred name to any label you want like Movie, Music, Documents, Pictures etc. Every label has separate color code which means no two different labels can have same color to represent their identity.

So, without any delay let’s start the process on the

Steps to Create Folder in Gmail

  • First of all, Open your Gmail and move to Inbox section.
  • Now from Inbox, select an Email.
  • Go to Labels.
  • Now From Options select Create New.
  • Now Give your Label / Folder a name and Click on Create.
  • Then you can see the Mail is Automatically Applies that label to the Email itself.
  • If you want to change the color of your Label then Click on your label default color icon,Hover over label color & select your desired color to mark that label.
  • Now you can Drag & Drop the mail from Inbox to Your Label folder to move that specific mail from Inbox to Folder-Label.
  • You can add a Single mail to different labels as well. Therefore, an Email can live in both Label at once.

Other processes and features of Label in Gmail are similar to those folders inside Yahoo and Outlook. Except, when label is created from a mail then the label-named folder or option will automatically be created on the left-side of your Gmail.

Other interesting feature is that, the mails can only be stored inside of a label while deleting it from Inbox. Which means, you can easily move your mail to a label and Remove it from Inbox so that you can find the mail inside your label-folder and not on your Inbox.