Hidden Android Features every User should know

Hidden Android Features

Most of us use android for simple day-to-day activities. But for those users, who want to use the hidden android features and fully utilize your android, here is a list of it below. So without any delay, let’s begin.

Messages Emoticon Shortcuts

Many people use google messages app nowadays because it is fast and simple. There is a web version of Messages app too, you may know about this. But if you don’t know, just go to android.messages.com and start using it. It supports most of the features of android. You can receive, read and reply to the messages from your PC directly. You can also send emoticons to your friends just by using some shortcuts in Messages web version.

Hidden Android Features
Hidden Android Features

This shortcut is only available for web-version of this app.

App Shortcuts

Nowadays, lot of people use the ass shortcut features. App shortcuts will directly skip you towards the favourite part of your app. It means, if you play certain playlist in your spotify, then you can create an app shortcut to directly jump to the playlist by skipping all the steps, from your home screen.

Hidden Android Features
Hidden Android Features

Safe Mode 

Safe Mode is an android function where you can troubleshoot your device and find the cause for it’s improper functioning. Most common problems faced by android users nowadays are battery drain, overheating, lags and random reboots. If you’re not sure about the root cause of these problems, you can boot to the safe mode on your device to troubleshoot.

Remember, when you boot into safe mode, your third-party apps won’t work. Therefore, you can find out whether the app is causing problem in your device or not. To enter into safe mode, power off your phone, hold volume up and down button at once while turning up your phone until boot. After the phone is booted you’ll see the safe mode at the bottom left part of your screen.

Personal Dictionary

If you type texts frequently then Personal Dictionary is built just for you. You can create a simple shortcuts for your long phrases on your personal dictionary for time saving and typing shortcuts. For example: you can type “I Don’t Know” just by entering “idk” in your keyboard if you set idk as shortcut for I Don’t Know.

Hidden Android Features
Hidden Android Features

If you’re interested to setup your shortcuts, go into settings first. Scroll towards system. Then select languages and input, click on personal dictionary and tap the + icon to add your shortcuts.

Drag and Drop Text

For the users who use split-screen features, this Drag and Drop feature is amazing in case of text copy paste. You can simply drag and drop text from one window to the other window.

Hidden Android Features
Hidden Android Features

It is pretty simple to use this feature. Open two apps, one from which you can drag text and other in which you can drop the text. After that, select the text you want to copy, hold it for a second and move towards the typing bar of the other app. Then release the text in typing bar.

Offline Google Maps

This feature becomes real handy when you’re lost and out of network coverage. Also if you’re out of data also, you can use this feature  while you’re out of network coverage or  short on data.

Enable this feature by opening google maps, slide off the left menu, scroll down and click on offline maps. After that, select your own map and download for offline use. Moreover, these offline maps can update themselves.

Status Bar Tricks

All of s know that, sliding down brings notifications panel on your screen. If you again swipe down the notification panel then settings panel will open. However, you can open notification panel with single swipe on your screen. You can use your two fingers and perform a regular swipe to bring down quick settings panel.

Increase Device’s Speed

This is the oldest trick to make your phone actually look faster. It is a simpler method and easier one too. It may affect your system performance a bit, but you’ll enjoy the speed on your device.

You can increase the speed by increasing animation speed of your device from settings. But first you’ve to enable developers option. To enable developer options, open settings, system, about phone and click the build number 7 times. After that, head back to developer options, Find drawing section and change the three options window animation scale, Transition animation scale and Animator duration scale to 0.5X. It’ll actually run your animation faster and you can feel like your system is speeding up.

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