How to Get WiFi Password from CMD in Windows 10/8/7/XP

First of all, it’s a very short and simple way to get wifi password with CMD. CMD is the short form of Command Prompt.

Generally, CMD is previously used to manually run PC. We can even say that CMD was the only way to operate any computer.

However, after some years programmers found the way to operate these command lines with the help of GUI.

The GUI refers to Graphical User Interface. It is the current version of windows. If you want to return to CUI (Character User Interface), then just open CMD and run it full-screen.

So, using the CMD to find WiFi password is one of those many things we can do with it. Moreover, you can perform almost all the task with CMD in your PC.

However, let’s stick to it. You may have somehow got to see CMD once in your life, either by chance or for some use.

You might be thinking that it has some harsh code lines to write for the operation. But don’t worry, we have to use two or three command lines only. And these commands are very easy to understand as well.

The process we are going to follow will work on all version of Windows. So, carefully run the commands and get your desired WiFi password.

How to Get WiFi Password

Well, there are different ways to get your hands on Password list. But for your ease I’m going to show you the most simple, short and common way to achieve the WiFi Password.

In order to get WiFi Password using CMD in Windows 10, 8 or Windows 7 follow these steps below carefully:

Step 1

Go to Start Menu and search for CMD.

Step 2

Right Click on CMD and Again Click on Run as Administrator.

Step 3

Now type cd/ and press enter to move to C:\> directory.

Step 4

Then write netsh and press enter.

Step 5

Type netsh wlan show profiles and hit enter again.

Step 6

A tricky part comes. Write netsh wlan show profile WIFINAME key=clear where WIFINAME is the name of WiFi.

Step 7

Finally, move to Key Content and see the WiFi password for yourself inside CMD.

Now, copy the password of the WiFi and paste to the password box and enjoy the WiFi.