Download All WiFi Password from CMD within One Click

Yes, it’s possible to get all wifi password from CMD within one click. The CMD works only in Windows devices. So, this trick is useful for Windows 10/8/7.

However, these commands must be used carefully. Because these commands inserted in CMD may affect the functioning of PC if entered in wrong way.

Be careful and type those commands inside CMD. Most of the tutorials show you How to Get WiFi Password from CMD, which is used only for a single WiFi.

So, following the same old process may waste your precious time. Therefore, with a bit of research from Google and Microsoft official website, I’ve come through a solution to Download all the WiFi password using CMD in Windows Devices.

The steps below will clearly show you How to Get all the WiFi password within one click. This is very similar to the previous topic:

However, the previous topic shows you the way to Get WiFi Password of Single SSID. So, to get all the WiFi password at once follow these steps carefully:

Steps to Get All WiFi Password from CMD

Step 1

Go to Start Menu and search for CMD.

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Step 2

Right Click on CMD and Again Click on Run as Administrator.

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Step 3

Now type cd/ and press enter to move to C:\> directory.

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Step 4

Type netsh wlan show profiles and hit enter again.

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Step 5

Now, type netsh wlan export profile folder=C:\ key=clear and press Enter.

Step 6

Now Go to C Drive from My Computer and you’ll see the exact numbers of available WiFi files inside. From choose according to the name of the WiFi or the SSID.

Finally, you got all the WiFi password from CMD. Now copy the password from the Files you’ve exported from CMD. Then paste them into your WiFi password box to connect to the WiFi.

Note: If the password is changed then the password generated from the above process may not work as it’d work for unchanged password.