Get 5G Network for Free in Your Device!

5G Network for Free

Yes, you heard it right 5G Network for Free. It doesn’t requires any additional devices or resources unless you have a pretty old and outdated device.

After the official announcement of 5G, almost all of the cell phone companies prepared their phones to be able to support 5G network. They are already offering 5G services to 5G customers who are using 5G supporting phone.

The Smartphone you’re using are only 3G and 4G supporting. Which means they are optimized only for 3G signals and 4G signals. Because no 5G was developed till then. However, engineers found that, the antenna of your current phone is physically capable of absorbing 5G signals. Which means your device’s microprocessor is simply not optimized for 5G because 5G didn’t exist at that time.

Get 5G Network for Free in Your Device!
Get 5G Network for Free in Your Device!

You might think, the 5G enabled phone is not available till now. This sounds no problem at all. But lots of cell phone companies are broadcasting 5G network out there. If your cell phone company is also broadcasting 5G signal, then you’re one step away from using 5G. And, if your cell phone company doesn’t offers this service, then you have to wait until they make an offer.

This is not an illegal trick or hack for 5G, it’s just a step further to take advantage of what cellular companies are offering already. Before moving towards the steps, let’s see how this 5G service actually works.

This is possible only due to the machine learning components, which are basically software capable to learn new things itself. Therefore, by training your smartphone to capture 5G signals, you can use 5G network from your home in your device.

A simple requirement for using 5G in your device is that your device mustn’t be older than 3-4 years. This is a very simple though time consuming process. But not harder at all.

Only two things are required before we begin. A smartphone and dual-band router. Most of us are already using these devices. Then enable 5Ghz wifi instead if 2.4Ghz network in your router. After that, connect to the 5Ghz network. And place your phone right next to the antennas.

Get 5G Network for Free in Your Device!
Get 5G Network for Free in Your Device!

As i said before, it’s a time consuming process, you have to do this for 24 Hours. It doesn’t takes a continuous 24 Hours. You can use your phone in the day and put it in the antenna at night.

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