7 Free SEO Tools for 2020 to Rank in First Page of Google

Free SEO Tools for 2020: As the time passes, competition rises among the bloggers in order to gain the rank in the first search page and at the first position. It may take some investment or hard-work.

But of that hard-work and investment doesn’t pays off, we get demotivated. So, this article will give you a boost to improve your SEO skill for free. Just work in a regular basis with these free SEO Tools for 2020 and see the magic for yourself.

But remember, only using these tools won’t help you to rank #1 on Google. You have to do it in the right way. And the right way is following the Genre of your article and the way you write your article.

How to Rank First on Google with Free SEO Tools for 20207 Free SEO Tools for 2020 to Rank in First Page of Google

If you’ve been in the blogging for a while, then you’ve known the amount of time you have to spend on SEO. An un-automated SEO tends to take more time. And this problem will only be solved by Automated SEO. That’s where these tools come handy.

I’ve been in this game for about 2 years. And in these years, I’ve figured out some of the Tricks and Tools for free, by using which you can achieve your ultimate goal of Ranking #1 on Google.

This article can be summarized into three different categories: Keyword Research, Link Building & Technical SEO. So, these categories are the main factors affecting SEO of your article. If you get it right, then you can easily rank your page on Google at First position without doing a lot of hard work.

And talking about Keyword Research, you can have different online tools claiming to find the perfect keyword for your Website but they only calculate the possibilities according to their algorithm. And google has it’s own algorithm in order to rank pages. That’s why Google provides only legitimate contents at top of the first content.

Link Building is also a lengthy and time consuming work. This is one of the major step in improving your page rank. Furthermore, we’ll discuss more about this topic in the article.

And the tools we’re going to use will usually fit into one of these three categories. So, without talking too much let’s start with Keyword Research:

  • Ubersuggest
  • MOZ Bar
  • Backlinks by Ubersuggest
  • Panguin Tool
  • Google Data Markup Helper
  • SEO Analyzer by Ubersuggest