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The FMovies provides you a High-Quality movies and TV-Series along with lots of information inside it. You can find imdb ratings, release date, actor/actress, director, writer and other information inside this website.

Fun part of FMovies is that, it’ll also provide you a trailer in case yo want to watch. A simple interface only created for Movies and TV-Series really looks awesome. Moreover, you don’t need to Sign-in to your account for access to the site. It’s free for all and will always be free.

FMovies is just a Fats and better place for watching online movies for free.

More than 25 Genres of movies are listed by this website. You can  watch from Action movies to the Documentaries of award winning category. The listing of movie is also done with different and user-friendly category. You can find top movies under imdb ratings too.

FMovies – Different Available Genres

You can watch movies of different genres in Fmovies. A wide range of Genres will surely help you to watch movie of your interese. Some of the popular movie Genres in Fmovies are Action, Romance, Adventure and Sci-fi etc.

ThrillerTV ShowWar


Fmovies – Movies by Country

Moreover, Movies are also listed according to countries. Therefore, you can watch different types of movies according to the countries. If Korean movie is your favourite one then you can start watching movie within 1 click. Below are the name of all countries supported by Fmovies:

United StatesUnited KingdomCanada
FranceWest GermanyJapan
SpainHong KongChina
New ZealandNetherlandsSouth Africa
AustriaCzech RepublicBrazil

Fmovies Site Details

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Yearly Unique Visitor14,115,840
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Country Rank90 Uk
TitleFmovies – Watch Movies Online Free
DescriptionFmovies is the best destination for movie enthusiasts and you can enjoy movies without even a registration.

Other Sites Just Like Fmovies

All the movie sites work in same manner. But the way they deliver movie is different. Some sites provides you no-Buffering movies with quality compromised. While others give you higher quality movies compromising your Internet Connnectivity. Websites below are the Free movie providing sites just like Fmovies.

Fmovies Review


So, Fmovies is an online movie streaming website. It has wide variety of movies starting from 2010. It continuously uploads movies and TV-Series at the day of release. However, CAM quality is the only option available to viewers at first. And after a month or two, only HD print of movie becomes available in this site.

Talking about it’s first impression, the site is simply awesome. At first you can see latest movies in an Animation bar moving from right to left.


After the top movies listing, when you scroll down a bit you’ll see movies listed according to Suggestion. Or, Suggested movies for you. The website suggest you different movie in these four different ways:

  • Recommended
    Recommended movies are those ones which are released recently. Also movies which are available in HD print are also available here. Simply, if you want to watch latest movies or TV-Series in HD quality, Simply select the movie inside Recommended option and Enjoy!
  • Hot This Week
    In this Section, you can find the most watched movies and TV-Series within this week. This option is also intended to provide you latest movie but it also gives you movies which are two-months old but available in HD print.
  • Hot this Month
    Just like Hot This Week, Hot this Month provides you movies and TV-Series that are watched mostly during one-month period. You can find mostly HD movies in here but sometimes CAM qualities are only available.
  • Most Favorited
    This Section of Fmovies will give you the best for viewers movie. So, if you are trying to watch best movie, then just enter the Most Favorited Zone and enjoy.

Latest Movies

In here, you can find latest released movies and TV-Series which falls under different Genres and Countries too. In this section, you can watch movies from different ratings as well. Ratings might reach the minimum level and could reach the highest level as well. Movies are not filtered here. Any movie released in the day will be made available here. Just like Suggestions, Latest Movies section also has five different type of sorting:

  • All
    Here, you can find all types of latest movies and TV-Series.
  • Action
    If you love action movies, then you’re good to go. This section provides you all the movies and TV-Series which falls under genre Action. Not only Action but movies with action and other mixed genres as well are also available here.
  • Comedy
    Find Comedy movies in here. Best Comedy movies can be found inside this section. Or Latest Comedy Movies from different countries are listed here. Find your favorite one and enjoy watching Comedy Movie.
  • Horror
    You know the meaning of Horror. And any latest movies and TV-Series that falls under Horror Genre will directly be listed here. So, find your movie and grab some friends then enjoy watching Horror movie from this section.
  • Romance
    This section provides you Romantic Movies like Fifty Shades of Grey but only the latest ones. So, to enjoy romantic movies just click the option and get inside to enjoy Romantic latest movies.

Latest TV-Series

You can already guess what this option offers. In here, you can find Latest TV-Series available. 16 TV-Series are listed in two rows and 8 different columns. From there you can choose your favourite one and the latest and most anticipated one.

Requested Movies

In the Requested Movies Section, Fmovies managed to provide all the movies requested by Viewers. You can find old movies in here too. Not only 2010 to today but also movies from back then. 90’s movie if requested will be provided by fmovies team.

Finally, the best point here in Fmovies is that you can watch all of the movies for free without registration. Just go-to fmovies and start to watch your favourite movies.

Information About Fmovies

Fmovies being a pirated & illegal site, government banned it. So,  to provide free movies to it’s users Fmovies changes it’s link to the site very often. Sometimes within a week or so. The newly created link will redirect users to the official site. Here are some of the domain to reach the Fmovies:

Is it illegal to upload and download pirated movies?

It is clearly declared by the Government, ” Any website that uploads or encourages to it’s viewers to download Pirated Movies is taken as illegal and will be shut-down immediately”. As a punishment, Administrators and users may serve 3 years sentence in prison and Fines from 50 thousand to 2 lakh rupees.

That’s because the hard work of film industry will become a total waste. Due to such websites,people often prefer to download movies from these sites, which directly affects the number of people going to cinema hall  in order to watch movies. will always gives you advice to not to use these websites.


Piracy is unlawful and opposes piracy. This content is provided to you only for information, its purpose is not to encourage or Promote piracy and Illegal activities in any ways possible.