Five Tips to make your Smartphone Fast

Make Your Smartphone Fast

At first, a brand new phone performs way much better than expectations. But after some months, it finally reaches our level of expectation and even decreases. One of the main reason behind such problem is the use of Applications.

You download apps from Playstore or unknown sources. Every application needs some space in your storage. If you installed more apps, it means you have used more of your storage. If your storage is low then your phone performance will decrease.

Other factor is RAM. RAM stands for Random Access Memory. The fact about RAM is, it helps your Smartphones processor to access your applications in short amount of time. Imagine you have installed a lot of apps, then you obviously would not expect to run your phone faster.

In order to make your system’s performance more optimal, here are some tips which can be followed by users:

  • Update Your System
    Five Tips to make your Smartphone Fast

A system update is more important in case of system performance. The update is made available on the basis of new features and fix to some problems occurred on previous versions.

Therefore, you want to update your system for the sake of smoothness. As a smartphone user, it is necessary to know the importance and process of system update.


  •  Update Your Applications
    Five Tips to make your Smartphone Fast

As a system update is available with new features and some fix of problems, the application update also the same. It means, application update is to add new features on an existing version of your application and also to fix some issues related to previous version.

However, an update may consume some storage, but it’ll somehow increase the performance of your application to some extent.

  • Disable Auto-Update
    Five Tips to make your Smartphone Fast

Main purpose behind disabling auto update is to save some storage. Previously, we’ve read that, an update consumes storage. If you didn’t disable auto-update, unnecessary apps will be updated resulting in consumption of remaining storage.
So to save some storage, we’ve to disable auto-update for all apps. After then if you need to update an app, you can do  it manually from PlayStore.

  •  Clear Cache Regularly
    Five Tips to make your Smartphone Fast

A Cache is a component which stores data for future purpose. Simply it saves energy and time for CPU.
You have to clear cache, so that the application doesn’t saves more data than needed.

  •  Uninstall Un-Necessary Applications
    Five Tips to make your Smartphone Fast

It is obvious to remove unnecessary application. By doing so, you can free-up some storage and RAM as well.
It can result in increased performance providing you smoothness while running apps

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