Enable 2fa on Fortnite

This is an article on How to Enable 2fa on Fortnite Account.

During charity Livestream, Drake’s Fortnite Account was hacked. And this reason can be easy-enough for you to enable Two-Factor Authentication on your Fortnite Account too.

Moreover, for encouraging players to enable 2fa Epic Games will provide Boogie down emote for free only after players enable 2fa on their Fortnite account. This is the best way to help to secure player’s account.

You can find a brief details on What is 2fa and How to enable 2fa on Fortnite account.

Two Factor Authentication ( 2fa ) ?

Two Factor Authentication is commonly known as two-step verification or dual factor authentication. Generally, it is Security process where user provide Two different Authentication to log-in to their accounts.

Most of us completely depend upon Password protection to get access to our accounts like our Epic Games Account. Nowadays, it’s not enough to get you account secured as Password can be easily Stolen.

Other possibilities might be a weak combination of Passwords and Same password for several Accounts. And in these cases, 2fa comes handy.

Here is what happens when you enable 2fa on your account, but you also have to do one of the following task:

  • You’ll receive 6-digit code from SMS, Enter it in the login section.
  • Your Bio-metric Authentication.
  • Or Insert a FiDO 2UF USB stick.

And for Fortnite Account on Epic Games 2fa, you need to Enter 6-digit code received through SMS.

How to Enable 2fa on Your fortnite Account?

  1. Go to epicgames.com
  2. Now log-in to your Epic Games Account.
  3. Open account settings.
  4. Select password and security.
  5. Click on enable two-factor sign in.Epic Games 2fa setting

So, from now on you have to login to your account at first and then Enter the verification code. You can get Verification code by SMS or by and e-mail too. Until and unless you Enter the code, no-one can access your Account. So, that you can get notification if someone tries to Log-in to your Account Unknowingly.

Also also use A Strong combination of Digits, Numbers and Symbols to create a strong Password. So that, no-one can Guess your password and attempt to log-in to your Fortnite or any other accounts.

Note:- This is for every Fortnite Players, if you got any offer from anyone don’t get in it. The easy way to get access to your account is when you log-in to the links from scammers. At first they’ll Get your Password and after that your passwords will be changed forever. 

And Fortnite Epic Games has officially announced that there are no free V-Bucks for any players around the world. So, any offer related to free V-Bucks and free cards might get your account stolen. 

Another way to Enable 2fa on Your Fortnite Account

This is the way by using a third-party app called Myki. This is a bit different form Email 2fa process. To setup Myki on your Epic Games Account, follow these steps carefully:

  1. Go to epicgames.com
  2. Now log-in to your Epic Games Account.
  3. Open account settings.
  4. Select password and security.
  5. Click on “Enable Authenticator App“.
  6. In Myki app, click on “+” icon from top right corner, and click on “2FA”.
  7. Scan QR code and Save.
  8. Type the code from App on the Epic Games website and select “Activate”.

And Completion of this process has granted you a free emote on your Fortnite account.

So, you have known Why is it important to enable 2fa on Fortnite account and How to enable it. Give us a feedback on how you think of these above mentioned processes. If you have any better suggestions, feel free to comment down below on How to Enable 2fa on Fortnite Account?