How to Create YouTube Channel From Mobile

Create YouTube Channel From Mobile: So, if you’re creating a new YouTube channel and want to start some Dollars, this is the right article for you. But this article is special due to some reason. And reason is that, We’re not going to create YouTube channel from any Computer or Laptop. But we’re going to create a new YouTube channel from Mobile or Android Smartphone.

Most of the YouTuber want to earn money from it and some come for Name & Fame while some of us enter there for both. Therefore, in this article we’re going to Create a YouTube Channel from Mobile device without using any software and without the help of Laptop or a Computer.

Let’s start the steps on:

How to Create YouTube Channel From Mobile

  • Open YouTube app first.How to Create YouTube Channel From Mobile
  • Click on User Account icon.( Sign-in to your Google Account if not signed-in )
  • Then Click on My Channel.
  • In here, Insert your desired Channel Name.How to Create YouTube Channel From Mobile
    In this example, I have used the first name of channel as ATOZ and the last name of channel as TECH. Therefore, this will be shown as ATOZ TECH as channel name. Just like this example use your own and unique channel name. Use Tube-buddy to research on what to put your channel name. A good channel name will help you to rank fast in YouTube as well as it’ll help you to earn as fast as possible.
  • You can get inspiration from these channels as well: Top Tech YouTube Channels.
  • And then click on Create Channel. ( It’ll load for some seconds and you’ll see your channel is created.)
  • You’ll see something just like this on your Smartphone’s screen.How to Create YouTube Channel From Mobile

Now a pro tip for beginner youtuber: Use the mostly searched and not yet competitive Channel Name. It maybe keyword (Short tail or Long tail ). Then upload Channel Logo and Channel Art just after you’ve created your new channel. Finally research about SEO tactics and techniques before uploading a single post in your channel. 100 content without SEO will be easily outranked by a single content with SEO. Invest about 1 week on SEO. Finally with proper knowledge and tricks upload video and Monetize your YouTube channel fast.

Read these YouTube policies before you create your content.

YouTube Official Policies