Cheap Gaming Laptop from MSI

Cheap Gaming Laptop

All those gaming laptop we’ve known in 2019 are expensive and powerful as not Cheap Gaming Laptops till the date. 2019 brought us so many upgrades over Gaming Laptops with increasing price rate as well.

NVIDIA launched it’s crazy powerful Gaming laptop with a higher price tag. Similarly, Dell launched it’s Alienware Area 51m which is next level gaming laptop, pretty powerful and expensive as well.

But somehow a guy from china tweeted about some leaks featuring the MSI’s upcoming entry level cheap yet powerful laptop’s details.

The leaks are as follows which seems to be a marketing material.

Cheap Gaming Laptop from MSI
Cheap Gaming Laptop from MSI

Further inspection over these leaks somehow gave us hints about the gaming laptop and it’s specs as well. Somehow, we can figure out two new things that is quite interesting. The new CPU by intel & the new GPU from NVIDIA namely GTX 1650.

We can say that GTX 1659 graphics is a new and entry level gaming chip by NVIDIA. It is not a high level graphics though. But being an entry level gaming laptop, a cheaper price range can be expected.

The performance featuring GTX1650 in comparison to GTX 1050Ti & GTX 1050 shows an increase in 23% of performance. This means, gamers within cheap price range can easily hit 60 fps while gaming over trending and mostly played game.

Talking about the price range of this laptop, it’s price may start from $650-$700. If it happens, the performance delivered by this laptop at that price range is going to be awesome.

According to some trends, we can expect thin bezels and slim design.

And a new 9th generation CPU is also shown. It has increased performance rate of 13%, which is good in this case.

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