Can I play PUBG LITE on Garena?

Can I Play PUBG LITE on Garena: Well, it’s a common question among players who don’t want to use the whole emulator thing of Tencent but still want to enjoy the game.

The simple answer is Yes, you can play Pubg Lite PC in Garena. But still remember, it’s best to play PUBG lite on official emulator of pubg lite. If you want to play it in Garena, you may have to face some problems regarding graphics, system crashing and many others.

Garena is also one of the best way to play PUBG. But if your device supports official emulator, then use the official one. You may not encounter problems at all with official one. And if your device has some problem with official PUBG emulator, then as an option you may try it. It may fix the current problem.

Can I Play PUBG LITE on Garena
Can I Play PUBG LITE on Garena

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Upon official statement, PUBG CORP said, ” Yes, PUBG CORP has prepared alternative option for the convenience of our users. “. This may not sound like use only Garena as an alternative, but it says you can use whole lot of emulators as well.

Moreover, PUBG CORP said, ” You will be able play PUBG LITE with our own launcher (Download) or you can also play it with GPC. However, please kindly note that available regions may vary per platform.

You will be able to play all together in a common server.


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