What are the best tools for long tail keywords?

Best tools for long tail keywords: Long tail keywords are easy to rank keywords. But it’s a bit of risk than short tail keyword. Because, Google and other search engines supports those contents which are optimized for short tail keywords.

What are the best tools for long tail keywords?

In a keyword research, google Adword’s Keyword Planner is the best of all. Because if google approves and ranks your content, then google will definitely know which keyword is easy to rank and which one is difficult. But there are other Tools that might help you as a tool for long tail keyword planner.

Some of the best tools that are suitable for long tail keyword planning are as below:

1. Google Keyword Planner

Best tools for long tail keywords

You may’ve heard of Google Keyword Planner in most of the Video and Read articles on this tool. It’s because everyone knows Google Keyword Planner is the best of all. But it also has some hard part which normal users can’t understand. That’s why other keyword planner tools comes handy.

  • Gives data related to monthly search volume and competition level.
  • Provides up-to 800 keyword suggestions.
  • Shows historical data and trends.

2. Google Autocomplete

If you find Google Keyword Planner a hard one then simply use this Autocomplete  feature of Google Search as a tool for keyword research. It a bit of a cheat way. But if you have some time to explore further then combine Autocomplete research and Keyword Planner to get the best result.

Google Autocomplete will automatically shows you alternatives or exact phrase you’re going to search for. So, insert a long tail keyword you want to make a blog on and enjoy the autocomplete feature.

Best tools for long tail keywords

3. Twinword Ideas

Best tools for long tail keywords

This keyword research tool is not of Google’s but it also serves thee same purpose. The Twinword Ideas  is by far the free and best alternative for Google keyword  Planner and Google Autocomplete.

With the use of AI, you can easily get suggestions related to  your query or research. It’s more fun,effective and time saving way of Long tail keyword research. With Twinword Ideas you can enjoy these major features:

  • Get both matched and related keywords
  • Auto-detect user intent
  • Sort and filter keywords by relevance