Best Nine Features Of iPhone X.

Features Of iPhone X

Having market price of $1000, iPhone X must have unique features than other phones. It has got some amazing design and features that suits it’s price. An ultra slim bezel display with full screen touch and no home button along with eye catching camera quality and cutting edge face scanner technology is fitted inside iPhone X. Some changes in previous features made us mad for some time but when you get used to it, you’ll love it more than ever. At first, those changes bother you but after you get used to it, you’ll find it more creative and interesting as well. Talking about the performance, iPhone X is much more smooth than it’s predecessors.

Features Of iPhone X
Features Of iPhone X
  • Super Retina in two sizes.

OLED displays in this model provides you the most accurate color with HDR and true blacks.

  • Most Durable Glass.

iPhone X model is using the most durable glass ever used for smartphone. You can feel the new level of dust and water resistance.

  • Surgical-grade stainless steel.

edcA self-designed alloy is used in order to produce structural bands in 3-finishes.

  • Wireless charging.

The backside glass enables iPhone X to wirelessly charge . The charging time is decreased in comparison to other models of iPhone.

  • PVD color process.

An advanced vapor de-position process is used to provide Gold and space gray finish. This enables the stainless steel bands to enhance colors and reflection with a beautiful compliment for the used glass.

  • Advanced Face ID.

Face ID provides you higher security than the passwords. It also provides you simplicity. Therefore, with advanced Face ID you can unlock iPhone, pay for things, and log in to apps.

  • Intelligent A12 Bionic.

The one and only smartest chip ever used on any smartphone is available in the iPhone XS along with upcoming generation Neural Engine. This feature also provides you incredibly amazing augmented reality experiences.

  • Breakthrough dual-camera system.

The most popular dual-camera breakthrough is directing photography to new level. Innovative sensors along with neural engine plays big role to capture and create photos like never before.

  • Super OLED Retina Display.

OLED stands for organic light-emitting diode (OLED). You can see for yourself the difference between LCD and OLED display. If you really want to find the difference of these screens, just compare iPhone 8 and iPhone X. It has various advantages than that of LCD screens.

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