What are the Best Free Video Editing Software and Apps in 2020?

The Best and Free Software for Video Editing is hard to find. However, only Free Video Editing software are easily available on the Internet market right now.

The question itself contains a vague meaning. It may be talking about Best Video Editing Software for Laptop, Mac, PC, Linux, iPhone, Android and many other platforms.

Therefore, in this article I’ll try to uncover those Free, Best and Most Used Video editing tools for all different platforms . Moreover, the other problem for differentiating level of your editing skills and the devices will also arise.

However, those are the minor problems for now, as we get into more details on this topic.

Best and Free Software for Editing Videos in Laptop / PC and Mac.

Well, when you search google only for video editing you’ll get results for Best Video Editing Software. It means the term video editing is used many times in Google to find for the Software.

free video editing software for mac and laptop pc

Instead of providing exact result for the Video Editing, it’ll directly provide the information on Best Video Editing Software.

This means, there are numbers of Video Editing software available in Internet right now. But the problem arises when we try to use those tools for free.

Most of the premium software only provide paid services to it’s user. However, there are some Premium Video Editing Software companies which will give you Free access to their premium Editing Software.

Below, the list of Best and Free Software for Editing Videos in Laptop / PC will show you 10 of the most used and liked Video Editing tools used by Video Editors. So, without any further talk let’s start the list from the Free and Best One:

Windows Movie Maker

The name of this software may sound like a paid and premium video editing tool. But it’s not a paid software, rather it’s one of the Best, Free, Most Used and Liked Video Editing software in the Internet.

First of all, Windows Movie Maker is a Free video Editor which is officially designed and developed by Microsoft itself.

For the ease of their user, Microsoft provided a free video editing software with zero cost to pay. With best features and it’s performance the software is liked by many Windows user.

However, Microsoft stopped distributing the Windows Movie Maker on the Windows 8 update. But still you can download this software from Google.

Some features of the Windows Movie Maker are: Free availability, Slideshows, Add Music, Stabilization, Transitions, Trim, Rotate, Import, Export and Easy to edit videos.


The other Free Video Editing Software for Windows device is Avidemux. This editing software is designed for simple cutting videos, filtering and also task encoding.

It has a wide range of file support. Files like AVI, DVD compatible MPEG files, MP4 and ASF are easily loaded inside Avidemux. This is only possible due to the use of various codecs.

Main features of this software is that the editing task can be automated. Moreover, it has other capabilities like job queuing and powerful scripting.

Not only for Windows Devices, the Avidemux also supports various platforms like Linux and Mac.

According to developers, the program was developed from scratch which got popularity and helped to grow by adding numerous features by interested other coders too.


A simple, Free and yet Powerful video editor is Openshot. It’s easy to use, quick to learn and incredibly powerful video editor.

It supports multi-platforms for editing videos. You can easily slice and trim your videos using this software.

Moreover, animation can be done easily with this tool. You can add slide, fade, bounce and even animate the whole project.

Use as much as slides you can and the space always becomes empty. I mean you can add as many layers as you can without any problem.

Even, you can visualize your audio data along with the output.

Some other features of the OpenShot Video editor are: Video Effects, Title Editor, 3D Animations, Slow Motion & Time Effects, Edit Video, 70+ Languages and most importantly Simple User Interface.

VSDC Video Editor

VSDC provides you simple video editing with a complex visual and audio effects. Being simple in design, it has wide range of features for users to enjoy premium looking features for free.

First of all, it provides you a non-linear video editing platform for your ease while working.

Also, various blending modes are also available with Instagram filters which will surely help you for the process of color blending.

Moreover, the amazing and premium feature in this free tool is that you can share your videos directly from the VSDC Video editor toolbar. Which will certainly help you to buy some time for rest.

Mainly, nowadays 4K videos are trending and the 4K video and HDR is also supported by this software.

With other features like Masking, Subpixel accuracy, Support of popular formats, Creation of videos for specific multimedia devices, Working with charts, Video stabilization tool, YouTube uploader, Video File Converter and Desktop and other video capture make this software really best for video editing purpose.

VideoPad Video Editor

As it says, “Professional Video Editing Software for Everyone”. With all the premium packages included inside this software yet it provides it’s free service to everyone out there.

It may need some medium spec PC, if you have a High-end then you can work fast and get output respectively. However, med-spec video editing PC or Laptop can also manage to give the exact same output as the VideoPad video editor but takes a bit of more time.

Normally, this editor software is taken as the fastest of all on the current market. Also termed as Intuitive, this software has a lot in itself to provide to dear user.

A wide range of Visual effects and transition are available in this free software package, which means you can make a better quality video easily and in short period of time.

With a wide range of video formats support, you can either edit or even export 3D and 360 videos.

The most amazing, interesting and cool feature of this tool is that it supports multiple platform. Which means, you can download this exact same tool for iPhone, Mac, Android and Laptop or PC.


Kdenlive is one of the Free and Open-source Video Editing Software available in the internet right now.

It is also one of the oldest video editing software developing company right now. Due to it’s long-time experience the Kdenlive provides Pro features inside it, Which is available in premium video editing software only after spending some dollars,

This software gives you the ability to edit multiple video track at once. Moreover, each and every track can be locked, edited and muted conveniently.

Various video formats like H.264. AVCHD, DNxHD, DIVX & HDV are also supported along with other regular formats.

For easy user environment, the software provides configurable interface and user-made shortcut options inside the toolbar option. Therefore, you can change the design as you please in this tool.

You can take this free tool as the combination of Adobe Premiere Pro and DaVinci Resolve. Most of the Premium features are freely available inside this decent looking Editing software.

Interestingly, it can even edit Proxies. It means you can create a really low resolution format of the video to edit in the software. It can save space, maintain video quality, takes less time.

free video editing software for mac and laptop pc


Here comes the powerful, free and open source 3D creation suite. Mostly used terms like modeling, rigging, animation, simulation, rendering, compositing and motion tracking, video editing and 2D animation pipeline all are supported by this crazy 3D video Editing software.

If I have to say some words about this software, then I’d like to say that This software has everything you need.

Cool Features of Blender

  • Cycles Render Engine
  • Modeling, Sculpt, UV
  • VFX
  • Animation & Rigging
  • Story Art, Drawing 2D in 3D
  • Make it Your Own

DaVinci Resolve

One of the most powerful video editing software used by most of the professionals and Video Editors around the world is The DaVinci Resolve. It’s features are mind blowing. The quality of video it can edit and generate is high.

Leaving other features behind, the DaVinci Resolve can provide you features like 8K editing, color correction, Audio and Visual effects along with post production services.

In an Instant, you can use all the features and move from one place to another inside the interface of this beasty software.

Moreover, it’s also a Multi-User software which is common for working in the same screen by all the member of team. It provides Flexibility and Preserves creativity in the Video.

It also supports Multiple platforms for video editing. Some of the common platform are Linux, MAC and Windows.

HitFilm Express

Unlike other video editing tools, HitFilm express is a free video editing software. It provides you the ability of professional video editing with the availability of professional-grade VFX tools.

This specific tools is suitable for everyone. It’s very easy to use and can be used to create amazing content.

The software claims itself to be the best tool for beginners, film students, gamers, YouTubers, or any creative without a budget.

Without any doubt, we can say it’s a professional grade video editor with an open and easy to use user-interface.

Moreover, it also provides a training mode for video editors or VFX artist to level up their editing skills.


This is the king of film making tool. With over 25 years of experience, Lightworks has been used by most of the finest films.

Some of the films like The Wolf of Wall Street, LA Confidential, Pulp Fiction, Heat, Road to Perdition, Hugo, The King’s Speech and many more are created using this software.

The features it provides are the main point of attraction of this editing tool. Due to which it is widely used by professionals.

Some Useful Keyboard Shortcuts For You

As we’ve discussed in previous software, the Lightworks also have a Simple Looking and an Intuitive User Interface.

With a user feedback, they’re able to design an Easy looking timeline editing and trimming function.

You can export your files in different trending video qualities like SD/HD, up to 4K and even for YouTube too.

Best and Free Software for Editing Videos in Android and iOS

Well, the above list is the collection of Best Software for Windows, Mac and Linux users. But waht about Android and iOS users?

In order to, answer this question I’ve tried to list the Best Free Software for Video Editing for Android devices and iOS devices.

Normally, above software are also supported in Android but the problem is that they are not good enough to provide features required for Android devices.

Due to which, other Applications took their place in case of Android and iOS devices.

However, editing videos in Android is not easy as it seems in Laptop. But the following tools made it easy to use while editing videos.

So, without any delay let’s begin the list of Best and Free Software for Editing Videos in Android and iOS

ActionDirector Video Editor

The first impression of this app is it’s fast video editing capabilities. With ActionDirector you can record your own video and edit them with lots of video effects and finally share with your friends.

Features of ActionDirector Video Editor:

  • Video Color Editing
  • Video Record with music from library
  • Cut and trim available
  • Lots of Video Filters
  • Transitions for your videos
  • Text and Titles editing with Shadow
  • Now Unlock Laptop/PC with Android!
  • Can add Animated Stickers
  • Use with Android 4.3 (Jellybean) and above including Android 9.0 (Pie)

Adobe Premiere Rush:

Easily capture and edit any video with Adobe Premiere Rush. It’s all in one and multi-platform video editing app. Use custom titles, apply video effects, Color filters, and quickly crop videos from this app.

Features of Adobe Premiere Rush :

  • Capture, Edit & Share
  • Pro Video Editor
  • Easy Editing
  • Timeline with Multi-track support
  • Titles Customization
  • Best Sound with AI.


It one of the most downloaded video editing app available in PlayStore. Being Free video editing software, Filmora Go doesn’t stamp watermark in your videos. With a video editing tools pre-loaded in the free version, you can export and instantly share them with your friends.

Features of Filmora Go:

  • Full Featured Pocket Studio
  • Awesome Templates
  • Completely Free
  • No Watermark and Time Limit
  • Licensed Music Library
  • All in One Video Editor


Although, it’s a video editor, Funimate can even make a Music clip Star Effect too. Mostly, used by TikTok Fans worldwide, this app has several features that you can use to make your videos more interesting and entertaining.

Features of Funimate:

  • Add Cool Video Effects
  • Create Your Own Effects
  • Add Music to Videos
  • Add Emoji, Stickers & Text to Videos
  • Video Merger, Cut & Trim
  • Make Video Loops


Unlike other apps, Kinemaster is the fully loaded video editor for android devices. Although, other apps claim to be the fully loaded one and after all Kinemaster is the only that appears to be true. Normally, all the apps have some extra features which makes them different from others. Only kinemaster has all those features needed inside a video editor.

Features of Kinemaster:

  • Multi-Layer video editing
  • Blending Modes
  • Professional Editing tools
  • Speed Control
  • EQ Presets
  • 4K @ 30 FPS Export
  • Various color Filters