Backup / Restore Line Data from iOS to Android or Vice-Versa

Backup / Restore Line Data of one Device To Another On iOS 10/11/12/13: It’s little hard process to backup the Line data on your iOS device. That is why, a software called Dr.Fone becomes useful. Dr.Fone is used for almost all operation to be performed on iOS device. A simple contact backup to a hard reset with ease.Backup Restore WhatsApp

A module called Restore Social App is in-built with dr.fone whose sole purpose is to create backup of Social Apps and then restore that backup. Here, backup is not only for the same device, you can transfer that backup to several other devices too. Apps like WhatsApp, Line, Kik, Viber and WeChat are featured by this software.

So, before starting the process of Backup / Restore let’s install the dr.fone software in your PC / Mac first.

dr.fone Free Official Download Link for Windows:thumbnail


dr.fone Free Official Download Link for Mac:thumbnail

Backup / Restore Line Data from iOS to Android or Vice-Versa

So, to proceed Backup your Line messages follow the steps below:

  1. click on the Restore Social App Option available on dr.fone.Backup Restore WhatsApp
  2. It may take some time to start but when it starts, all you have to do is connect your iPhone through the cable connection. Backup Restore WhatsApp
  3. You’ll see different options while creating Backup. (Transfer/Restore or Restore to andriod or Restore to iOS device)
  4. Then click on backup Line messages.Backup Restore WhatsApp
  5. In case, you get any Notice, Just go to iTunes and disable password encryption for Backup option.
  6. It’ll take some time in order to extract Line data(Depending upon your data types).
  7. After completion of Backup process, Click on View it Option.
  8. Now in order to Restore data, connect any device (Android or iOS) other than the Backup created device too and begin to Restore data.

But keep in mind that, when you restore Backup on any device you’ll only get the Backed-up data only. You won’t get the new messages because the Backup simply overrides the existing conversations. And you have to be logged in too, in order to access the data otherwise, you’ll see the empty data after Backup.