Apple AirPower is Cancelled Officially

Apple AirPower

About a year before, Apple announced it’s AirPower. AirPower could charge three different apple gadgets at once. But for some quality reasons, Apple now announced the  cancellation of Airpower. However, those device which were supposed to support AirPower, can use the third-party chargers  to charge their devices wirelessly.

After the announcement of AirPower, iPhone 10s was also announced. And the box showed AirPower can be used to power up iPhone as an charging option. Likewise, iPhone 10r was also said to support Apple’s official AirPower, in the getting started guide book.

Apple AirPower is Cancelled Officially
Apple AirPower is Cancelled Officially

Moving towards  late March 2019, again the AirPower support was announced over flagship AirPod 2 models. These evidences somehow tells that AirPower is coming soon.

Apple AirPower is Cancelled Officially
Apple AirPower is Cancelled Officially

Again Airpower was demonstrated on AirPods charging case also. It seems like, AirPower was planned to  ship within late 2018, but due too some issues it was held back by Apple itself.

Later on, Apple allowed to use third-party wireless charger use but they were just unable to provide those full features of Apple’s wireless charger.

In an official announcement of cancellation of AirPower, Apple said that, Apple AirPower mat cancelled due to the inability to meet it’s own quality standards.

This sounds annoying to apple’s fans but their decision to do so is quiet for the sake of our own benefits. According to rumors, the problem of overheating and engineering related issues were heard.

Apple has never failed to retain it’s customers, this announcement doesn’t seems to last long.

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