Apple AirPods 2 are coming soon! Will you Buy/Upgrade?

Apple AirPods 2

A recent news on Digitimes claim that, Apple is going to release Airpods 2, sometimes around first halt of 2019. An upgrade towards health monitoring and wireless charging are also made, according to rumors.

Upgrade sounds great, which makes us more excited than before. But a big threats for their sales can be predicted for this generation of Airpods. Let’s talk about the expectations of users on features of this device before it’s release.

Airpods will now supports wireless charging. It is sure because the announcement has been made by Apple on September 2017 event.

Apple AirPods 2
Apple AirPods 2

A rumor about Hey Siri feature in Airpods was out in the second half of 2018. It will also have improved water resistance capability.

Moreover, on a video in Apple’s September event, one of  the staff using Hey Siri feature was shown. And also a running through a shallow pool of water clearly indicates it’s water resistance. It can be expected only before the official release.

Upon personal belief, the Airpods will feature Apple W3 chip in place of W2 chip. Because Apple watch series comes with W3 chips already.

Active noise cancellation, is also heard to be featured in this generation of Airpods. Not much of information beyond whispers and rumors.

Moving towards the Highly rumored Health Assistance feature and expectations, Apple filed patent for earbuds with bio-metric sensing two years ago. Concerning earbuds, those patents may are filed for the upcoming Airpods.

A sensor called PPG, was used to measure user’s heart rate in Apple watch is likely to be used in the pods too. Moreover, patent also concerned relating temperature, which means the sensors can measure core temperature as well as ambient temperature.

With this much features packed inside the Airpods 2, what could be possible threat in it’s sale. It may be customers satisfaction using the current versions of Airpods. If you are good with the current features, why would you spend $150+ on an updated Airpods. It would be better to buy a new Apple watch instead of Airpods, because the features on Apple watch are added as an upgrade on Airpods.

But, you may never know what Apple is planning to feature in it’s new gen. Airpods.

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