All Freelancer’s Category Where You can pick up some

All Freelance Category

Selecting a freelancing category between some options is really difficult. So, today I’ve listed all freelance category that you can choose freely, depending upon your skills and interest.

In this article, you’ll know about nine or ten category only. But we’ll try to break those category in sub-categories.

All Freelance Category
All Freelance Category

Without a delay, let’s start to list all freelance category:

  • Software, Mobile And Web Dev
    If you’re into coding, and you want to start practicing then start from here. The Software, Mobile and web development includes varieties of other options.
    The options are: Desktop Software Development, Ecommerce Development, Game Development, Mobile Development, Product Management, QA & Testing, Scripts & Utilities, Web Development, Web & Mobile Design and Other Software Development. 
  • IT & Networking
    Related to software, mobile and web development, IT & Networking deals with your developed tools.
    Talking about work space of IT and Networking DBA(DataBase Administration), ERP / CRM Software, Information Security, Network & System Administration and others.
  • Data Science & Analytics
    Information science is an interdisciplinary field which utilizes logical strategies, procedures, calculations and frameworks to extricate learning and experiences from information in different structures, both organized and unstructured, like information mining.
    Data/Information Science includes A/B Testing, Data Visualization, Data Extraction, Data Mining & Management, Machine Learning and Quantitative Analysis.
  • Engineering & Architecture
    An engineer and architect both take an interest in planning and building a structure. Regardless of house or a high rise. A draftsman(architect) structures and draws up plans for structures, spans, and different structures.
    And Engineer turns the drawing into reality. If you are familiar with 3D Modeling & CAD, Architecture, Chemical Engineering, Civil & Structural Engineering, Contract Manufacturing, Electrical Engineering, Interior Design, Mechanical Engineering and Product Design you can apply in any freelancing website.
  • Design & Creative
    Imaging design in thoughts is a procedure utilized by architects for taking care of complex issues with inventive arrangements.
    It fills in as a formula for preparing a clump of inventiveness at whatever point you are eager for some new thoughts. Creators utilize this procedure to streamline their thoughts and make inventive arrangements.
    Design and creative has a lot of scopes including Animation, Art & Illustration, Audio Production, Brand Identity & Strategy, Graphics & Design, Logo Design & Branding, Motion Graphics, Photography, Physical Design, Presentations, Video Production and Voice Talent.
  • Writing
    You need some talent to be a writer. And if you have that talent, you are going to earn a lot of money and fame in future.
    But for now, you can start with Academic Writing & Research, Article & Blog Writing, Copywriting, Creative Writing, Editing & Proofreading, Grant Writing, Resumes & Cover Letters, Technical Writing and Web Content.
  • Translation
    In a simple way, translation can be defined as converting a general term into other suitable terms that can be understood.
    Translation has limited category where General Translation, Legal Translation, Medical Translation and Technical Translation are included.
  • Legal
    In Legal freelancing, you can either teach laws and legal practices or you can help your client deal with his/her legal issues.
    Contract Law, Corporate Law, Criminal Law, Family Law, Intellectual Property Law and Paralegal Services are the are you can work upon.
  • Admin Support
    Administrative specialist obligations includes overseeing and conveying data inside of an office.
    This normally incorporates receiving telephones, taking updates and looking after documents.
    Clerical specialists may likewise be responsible for sending and accepting correspondence, just as welcome customers and clients. Data Entry, Personal / Virtual Assistant, Project Management, Transcription and Web Research falls under admin support.
  • Customer Service
    Client service is the way toward guaranteeing consumer loyalty with an item or administration.
    Regularly, client benefit happens while dealing out an exchange for the client, for example, making a deal or restoring a thing.
    Only Customer Service and Technical Support falls under this category.
  • Sales & Marketing
    Sales includes selling different product whereas marketing means providing information to customers in a way so that they can easily buy the product for their needs.
    It also has wide varieties including Display Advertising, Email & Marketing Automation, Lead Generation, Market & Customer Research, Marketing Strategy, Public Relations, SEM – Search Engine Marketing, SEO – Search Engine Optimization, SMM – Social Media Marketing  and Telemarketing & Telesales.
  • Accounting & Consulting
    Accounting adviser gives customers, for example, organizations and people, with administrations that assist them to dissect money related data so they can settle on vital business choices.
    Accounting, Financial Planning, Human Resources and Management Consulting falls under this category.

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