10 Tips for Buying a Laptop 2019

Tips for Buying a Laptop

Using laptop for various purpose is fun and easy. But choosing the best one for specific purpose is considered to be difficult task. Most of us want to buy a laptop in which we can either play game or use it for educational purpose or for content creation or for many other purposes. It can be really confusing task.

Tips for Buying a Laptop

Simply, you can choose laptops with requires specs from amazon using filters. But if you’re investing a huge amount in a laptops that best fits your requirement, follow me. So, i’m going to walk around some major 10 tips while purchasing a laptop.

  • Operating System
    The first thing is, which Operation System you prefer. There are many laptops available in market for Windows, IOS, Chrome OS and Linux etc. Most of us prefer Mac and Windows. This choice entirely depends upon your requirements.
    Windows being common laptop, has wide varieties of laptops. If you’re into gaming and other using hardcore software, you have nearly no option over Windows.
    MAC OS has compatibility over Macbook and Macbook Pro. MacBook are beautiful and easy to use but a bit expensive. And MAC doesnot have varieties to pick up.
    Talking about chromebook, Chromebook is specially a budget friendly laptop and pretty popular with students. You can use Chromebook for normal use like streaming videos, dealing with documents and sending emails. Upon my personal suggestion Windows 10 Laptops will be suitable for every purpose.
  • Design
    Upon design, you have to choose between traditional non-flexible laptop or fully rotating convertible one. With traditional one, you may not have other options besides limited screen rotation. But with convertible you have different options. You can either use the laptop as a tablet or put it in a 300 degree mode or tent mode or stand mode.
    The third one is a hybrid one.
    With Hybrid, you can use it as a convertible or even you can take the screen apart and use the display as a tablet. The disadvantage of hybrid laptop is, they are quiet expensive than similarly specs normal laptops.
  • Size
    Dealing with size is one of the tough decision you have to make. But with better knowledge, you can easily choose the right size without any difficulty. The size choice may not be available for gamer.
    Depending upon screen size you can estimate weight and how compact it is. Smaller screen size means light weight and more compact and opposite for bigger screen size. Choose the smaller screen sized one, if you’re a traveler. If you’re a gamer, you’d obviously choose the bigger screen.
  • Screen Quality
    One of the most important choice is screen quality. If you’re a normal user, then you can buy any of the available quality. If you’re gamer then you’ve to choose the best ones. And if you’re going to use your laptop for graphical purpose, you may prefer MAC for the best output.
  • Specifications
    If you’re confused about specs, then focus on the four components. These four components will help you to get better performance in laptops. They are Processor, Storage, Graphics and RAM.
    Dealing with Processor, there are i3, i5, i7 and i9. Generally, higher the number better will be perofrmance. There are other companies which provides processor other than intel. But the most common is intel.
    Storage also affects the  performance. So higher storage means better peroformance. But there are two different storage devices available in the market. One is HDD and the other is SSD. SSD is better than HDD but the downside is price. SSD costs comparatively expensive than HDD. You must have one SSD in your laptop.
    Similarly, there are varieties of RAM available. Some of them are good and some are worst. To clear confusion, choose the latest one of higher capacity. If it is expensive then try to reduce the capacity only.
    Graphics is mainly recommended for gamers and graphics editors. Game and graphics editing software requires Graphics card for better performance and smooth running of device. While choosing Graphics, go for latest and higher capacity. Or you can choose lower GB for price purpose.
  • Gaming
    Above mentioned devices are for wide range of usage. But some companies like ASUS, Dell, Acer and  other manufacture laptops only for gaming purpose. If you want a gaming laptop just go for latest and highest specs possible. Choose the one with highest and latest graphics possible.
  • Connectivity
    The connectivity features is essential for everyone whether you use your laptop for gaming, or for normal use. Connectivity includes USB, HDMI, Card reader ports. In case of USB choose at least one USB 3.1 type C port.
  • Keyboard And Touchpad
    There is higher chance of disappointment for you while choosing keyboard and touchpad. Even if you have the best specs as mentioned above, but the keyboard and touchpad are rubbish, then you will be so disappointed. In this case Macbook and Macbook Pros are the best options. But if you prefer windows laptop, check for microsoft precision touchpad for best. If you’ve confusion, just google the name of laptop along with precision driver, you’ll find it in a review.
  • Battery Life
    Along with above features, battery life is also the most important feature. In the market, basically sellers perform battery test at low  brightness, which results in higher battery time. But if you want a decent one, find one with 6 hours. The 6 Hours recommendation can roughly meet 4 hours in real time. Each and every features and technical components mentioned above have higher impact in battery life. Mostly graphics card, display resolution, storage unit, RAM directly affect the life span and durability of battery.
  • Design Quality
    After so much of hard work, if you still buy a normal looking laptop at higher price then you’re doomed. For best looks MacBook and ultrabook are the best ones. Choosing  aggressive looks, gaming laptops with price range from minimum $1000 are the best ones. Finally, choose the laptop built with metal cover for hardware security.

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